AlchemyAPI Unveils Sentiment Analysis in Cloud-based Text Mining Platform

Mar 21, 2011, 07:00 ET from AlchemyAPI

DENVER, March 21, 2011/PRNewswire/ -- AlchemyAPI (, a leading provider of natural language processing technology, today announced the addition of advanced sentiment analysis functionality to its popular text-mining web service.

AlchemyAPI is a SaaS platform that enriches textual content through automated tagging, categorization, linguistic analysis, and semantic mining.  Available as both a free online API and commercial subscription service, AlchemyAPI is used by online publishers, news aggregators, and contextual advertising firms world-wide to understand and monetize online content.

"Our sentiment engine provides the ability to identify opinions within vast quantities of data," said Elliot Turner, CEO of AlchemyAPI.  "Sentiment analysis is critical for organizations wishing to understand consumer trends and customer perceptions, and AlchemyAPI's semantic technology provides best-of-breed capability."

Built to power a variety of product and data-mining use cases, AlchemyAPI offers multiple modes of sentiment analysis functionality.  Document-level, entity-level, and keyword-level sentiment mining is provided--in addition to support for advanced features such as negation handling, sentiment amplifiers / diminishers, slang, and typos.  "AlchemyAPI has been specifically tuned to understand user-generated, short-form social media content as well as editorialized text," Turner stated.

Sentiment analysis functionality is available immediately to all AlchemyAPI users.

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About AlchemyAPI:

AlchemyAPI is a leading provider of semantic tagging and content-mining solutions, helping companies world-wide enhance, understand, and better-leverage their textual information assets. The AlchemyAPI web service provides publishers with the tools and capabilities necessary to compete in today's highly-interconnected global information economy. AlchemyAPI's content-mining platform provides advanced natural language processing and information extraction capabilities not found in competing solutions.

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