Algo-Logic Systems Announces Membership in the Solarflare ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE) Partner Network

Algo-Logic Systems joins Solarflare's AOE ecosystem as a Design Services, Tools and IP Application partner

Jan 08, 2013, 15:29 ET from Algo-Logic Systems

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Algo-Logic Systems, a recognized leader in providing acceleration hardware for ultra-low-latency high frequency trading (HFT), packet processing, and embedded systems, today announced membership to the Solarflare ApplicationOnload™ Engine (AOE) Partner Network as a Design Services, Tools, and IP Application partner. The AOE combines a full-featured 10GbE server adapter with a state-of-the-art FPGA that allows users to determine which portions of code benefit most from hardware processing and which portions are most effectively processed in software on the host server. The AOE Partner Network was created to bring together industry-leading application developers as well as field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design services, tools vendors, and intellectual property (IP) core providers into an ecosystem of development partners. The members of the Network collaborate with Solarflare to leverage Solarflare's open AOE platform for accelerating network applications.

"We are pleased to welcome Algo-Logic Systems to the Solarflare AOE Partner Network," said Bruce Tolley, vice president, solutions marketing, Solarflare. "The Algo-Logic team has a wealth of experience building configurable, customizable FPGA circuits that power trading systems, network switches, and real-time devices. They can now use the Solarflare AOE platform to design, prototype and deploy hardware-accelerated systems for their customers."

"Algo-Logic Systems is pleased to be appointed as a distinguished member of Solarflare AOE Partner network. This partner network will allow us to offer world-class deterministic, jitter-free, ultra-low-latency network acceleration systems and solutions on Solarflare's AOE platform to the financial industry," said John Lockwood, CEO of Algo-Logic Systems.

Algo-Logic Systems hardware-accelerated systems and solutions are developed for Accelerated Finance, customized for banks, trading firms, and financial institutions that want to hardware accelerate their networks for Risk-Checks (sec 15c 3-5), Protocol Parsers, Protocol Engines, Symbol Filtering, Order sourcing, Proprietary trading schemes, Arbitrage, High Frequency Trading and Algorithmic trading.

Algo-Logic System's product and service information are listed on the Solarflare AOE Partner Network website at

With a growing membership worldwide, the Solarflare AOE Partner Network includes leading technology partners at the forefront of Customized Compute, transforming the way networks process data and overcoming performance obstacles that cannot be solved by simply adding more processors. This breakthrough technology impacts several market segments, including financial services, government, security, digital media processing and others.

About Algo-Logic Systems

Algo-Logic Systems is a recognized leader and developer of low-latency gateware libraries for accelerated financial processing, high-throughput ternary search engines for fast packet processing in Data centers and Embedded Hardware. In addition, it also has extensive experience building routers, Data center switches, and customized network processing system solutions in ASIC/SoC and FPGA logic.


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