Alimama to Launch the First Big Data Platform Based on Real Audiences in the Era of User-Centered Marketing

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BEIJING, Aug. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 18, 2015, Alimama held a press conference in Beijing announcing the launch of their "Dharma Sword" -- a data-driven brand marketing platform. Attendees at the press conference included Alimama vice president Cheng Huayi, Alimama CMO Joanna Wang, Alibaba Group lead researcher Xue Guirong (Dashu), Alibaba senior technology expert Mao Bo (Yike) and Alimama brand business center product manager Cao Kai. They jointly unveiled the Dharma Sword platform and announced their expectations for the platform to become the dominant player in the sector. Amid a fast changing consumption market, Alimama's Dharma Sword enables brand advertisers to better approach true target audiences as a means to drive successful brand marketing.

The Dharma Sword is the first holistic big data marketing product launched by Alimama after merged the China's leading ad platform-AdChina.  

Leveraging Alibaba Group's unique consuming data sets, universal ID system  and one-stop cross-screen media reach services, the Dharma Sword platform will start offering brand advertisers big data marketing services covering all digital media.

As a Pioneer in big data openness of industry in China, Ali data technology will lead new era for data marketing

As Alibaba Group's core business data owner, Alimama seamlessly connects Ali's data assets, which includes demographic attributes, consumption data, physical location, browsing behavior, payment method and social data, among other data points, to a customer base of more than 630 million users -- which, for all practical purposes, is virtually almost every internet user in China. The newly-launched Dharma Sword is the only platform authorized to access Ali big data based on whole personas and, by doing so, be able to engage in brand marketing across the entirety of China's online market. That also means that with Alimama Dharma Sword, advertisers can leverage Ali's big data across the full spectrum of China's media landscape, rather than being limited solely to and other Ali properties.

This is the first step in Alimama's drive to open big data, making the company one of a very few in China willing to make their data available for digital marketing.

Ali big data holography contains real person data, enabling the only true cross-screen tracking.

Digital marketing historically has gone through two phases: 1.Manual Phase; 2. Programmatic Phase that kicked in around 2012, with the capability of identifying some audiences and delivering cookie-based ads via an improved technology and based on panel data.

 Programmatic buying has become the most popular wording of digital marketing in recent years, but most practitioners ignored the most important fact -- where is big data?In the past, it assumed that every PC, cellphone and tablet represented a unique user, and the repository of content from each was allocated to separate users. As a result, a person who owned and used all three was counted and treated as three individuals in most advertising networks. What became termed as the "swimming lane effect" limited the effectiveness of cookies and mobile tracking beacons that collected consumer data. It was apparently difficult to provide cross-screen delivery. Advertisers wasted a good part of their budget unknowingly delivering ads to the same person. Alimama revolutionized the approach by crossing the various "swimming lanes" of data delivered from multiple devices being used by one person, collecting together what were "fragments" of single user's behavior and bringing them together to create a whole persona, effectively improving coverage and achieving real cross-screen tracking.

A new era based on real person, redefining audience reach

What exactly is "big data"? It is where "holography data" replaces "panel data". Alimama possesses exclusive demographic attributes data on 500 million individuals who use an electronic device in China, with the ability to determine whether the impression is from a member of the target audience and to decide whether or not to serve the ad. Different from the traditional sample demographic attribute screening and monitoring estimation, Alimama actually creates commercial value for advertisers with a large scale of holography data, disrupting the existing model for brand delivery through 100% genuine and accurate demographic attribute data.

In addition, Alimama's prior experience demonstrates that for some products that are purchased at very specific time-defined moment, such as home furnishings and accessories, when a person has bought a home, healthcare products and medicines; when a person has become ill, baby care products for nursing mothers and tourism products; when a person is about to set off on a trip, the audience coverage model based on demographic attributes has limitations. In such a scenario directional communication can only be truly effective when it is based on the interest preferences of the user and expected future buying habits. Dharma Sword has more than 8,000 audience segmentation tags  that help identify future potential responses to a "call to action" with access to more than a decade's worth of data, allowing brands to find the right audiences.

Ali big data refines brand marketing and Dharma Sword intends to become the sharpest marketing "weapon" to successful marketing.

Thanks to Ali big data, digital marketing has finally entered the era of complete real audience a step not only enhancing the flexibility and convenience brought by programmatic but also in terms of the accuracy and efficiency delivered by big data. This is a new high point for digtal marketing and represents a revolutionary breakthrough.

The new Alimama is now building an Ali big data driven core brand marketing service center, not limited to  taobao ecommerce marketing, starting to leverage big data -- the most important pivot in an era of marketing based on data technologies -- to better serve brand clients. Leveraging Ali holography big data, Alimama gives full play to the real value of brand big data marketing through the identification of complete personas, consumption preferences and complete cross-screen online behavior tracking. Dharma Sword is the first big data brand marketing product officially launched by Alimama. In the future, the company expects to be able to offer clients more comprehensive, holistic and enhanced services for brand building, business decision-making and for achievingfrom online to offline.

About Alimama

Alimama, a business within Alibaba Group, manages Alibaba Group's core business data, aiming to build digital marketing platform designed for large-scale brand owners, agencies and small and medium-sized sellers. Alimama combined the functions of e-commerce and brand marketing and used Ali big data to achieve one-stop reach of digital media (PC terminal+ Wireless terminal + Internet TV terminal), helping entire network clients achieve highly effective digital marketing.