Allegro CTMS@Site Incorporates New Functionality for Subject Visit Management and Patient Registries

Among the innovations included in the Fall 2011 release, sites can now easily identify subjects in a patient population who might qualify for a protocol.

Nov 07, 2011, 00:01 ET from Forte Research Systems, Inc.

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Collaboration with clinical research sites has resulted in a valuable quarterly release of the Allegro® CTMS@Site™ system from Forte Research Systems, Inc. that includes more key functionality to improve operations at sites. Allegro CTMS@Site, the clinical trial management system designed exclusively for investigator sites, now includes more automatic subject visit scheduling functionality and patient registry searches, among its many features.  


"This most recent update to the Allegro CTMS@Site system owes a lot to the insight provided by our customers," said Srini Kalluri, Founder, President, CEO, and Chief Customer Experience Officer at Forte Research Systems. "Our collaborators helped us prioritize registries and subject visit scheduling as top enhancements for this release."

Enhancements in Allegro CTMS@Site Fall 2011 Version

Tracking changes to subject visits can be a time-consuming endeavor. However, automated functionality in the latest release of Allegro CTMS@Site allows coordinators to easily track changes to planned subject visits. When visit changes occur, sites can automatically recalculate future planned dates, if desired, to ensure compliance with the protocol. Now the system also facilitates marking several visits as Not Applicable if a later visit, such as an end of study visit, occurs earlier than expected. This allows coordinators to easily identify the status of subjects that have either dropped out or have ended treatment early.

Patient recruitment  is a vital, yet challenging aspect of clinical trials. With the latest release, subjects in a patient population who might qualify for a protocol can now be easily identified. Customizable screening questions offer flexibility in creating searches, and filters, such as medical condition and demographic data, can be applied to the list of potential subjects to easily identify relevant matches.

Other enhancements to the Fall 2011 release assist users in several areas, including supply management and reports.

Added functionality makes it easier for staff to manage supplies. Sites can now track additional details on supply usage to manage inventory, including the quantity adjusted, adjustment date and reasons for any supply quantity changes related to protocols.

Report functionality has now been streamlined with a modified Reports tab that allows sites to more easily locate the reports they need.

"The recent release of Allegro CTMS@Site was a culmination of collaborative efforts to respond to the needs of investigator sites," Kalluri said. "Staying true to our philosophy of continuous improvement, work has already started toward the next release of CTMS@Site."  

About the Allegro Research on Demand Product Line

The Allegro® family of products are easy-to-use, intuitively designed, cloud-based systems that support clinical research operations excellence. Allegro CTMS@Site™ is designed exclusively for small to mid-sized clinical research sites engaged in industry-sponsored clinical trials.

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SOURCE Forte Research Systems, Inc.