Alliance Calls for Members of Congress, Candidates to Sign Seniors' Protection Pledge

Oct 15, 2010, 12:55 ET from Alliance for Retirement Prosperity

Fast-Growing Demographic Needs Protection from Destructive Government Policies

WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Alliance for Retirement Prosperity Association ( today announced that it is requesting all Members of the Senate and House of Representatives and candidates for those offices to sign its Seniors' Protection Pledge.

The Pledge commits signatories to:

ONE, oppose any and all efforts to raise payroll taxes, increase the retirement age, means test or otherwise cut Social Security and Medicare benefits in order to reduce the federal deficit;

TWO, support personal retirement accounts in which workers are permitted to save and invest a portion of their payroll taxes to help pre-fund their retirement benefits and make the retirement safety net programs actuarially sound for the future; and

THREE, support the repeal of all Medicare cuts, price controls and rationing ushered in under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009 and oppose their re-imposition under any amendment or replacement of the national health care system created by it.

"The Alliance and millions of likeminded Americans believe that cutting Social Security and Medicare to reduce the federal deficit is unnecessary and would constitute an unconscionable breach of faith with America's retirees and workers when so much other non-vital federal spending could be cut without fraying the retirement safety net and betraying seniors' trust," said Dr. Lawrence A. Hunter, President of the Alliance for Retirement Prosperity.  "Moreover, as the Chief Actuary of Social Security has demonstrated conclusively, it is possible to reform Social Security and put it on a sound actuarial footing by creating personal retirement accounts without cutting benefits or raising payroll taxes."

"We will post the list of signatories and those who refuse to sign the Seniors' Protection Pledge on our website, and we will be actively encouraging citizens to be in touch with their Members of Congress, Senators and congressional candidates to urge them to sign the Pledge," said Dr. Hunter.

Alliance founder  Dr. Lawrence A. Hunter was formerly chief economist and political advisor to Jack Kemp at Empower America, staff director of the congressional Joint Economic Committee during Contract with America and a Reagan White House advisor.

SOURCE Alliance for Retirement Prosperity