Alliance Healthcare Fund Announces Investment in Targeted Instant Communications

Automated resource allocation software and mobile app aims to simplify clinician scheduling, hospital shift fulfillment

Jun 11, 2013, 11:05 ET from Alliance Healthcare Fund

PHOENIX, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Alliance Healthcare Fund, an angel investment group helping innovative companies and entrepreneurs challenge the status quo in healthcare delivery, today announces a substantial investment in Targeted Instant Communications, Inc. (TIC) and its proprietary, patent-pending IntelliBlast® communications system. The system's intelligent automation process instantaneously communicates nursing and support staffing needs with an unlimited number of qualified staff members and captures real-time responses, to create efficiencies in the clinical staff allocation process. The IntelliBlast system is the first patented, bi-directional communications software that simplifies staff communications and the shift fulfillment process. The IntelliBlast system powers a web-based platform that utilizes the latest advances in technology with communications software to provide targeted, instant communications.


"In today's healthcare environment, hospitals need to identify operational efficiencies while improving patient care. The IntelliBlast system is a novel staff allocation solution that allows hospitals to substantially reduce costs while ensuring better utilization of clinical professionals and adherence to recommended staff-to-patient ratios. The technology is truly revolutionary, and the solution it provides is immediately valuable to hospitals," said Matthew Browning, CEO of TIC.

TIC was formed in 2007 by healthcare entrepreneurs who know from experience about the challenges hospitals face in identifying and deploying clinical professionals. The patent-pending IntelliBlast system was created to allow two-way communications to be conducted in real-time, on a variety of communications devices, through multiple methods of contact (i.e. text, phone, email, etc.). Beyond open shift fulfillment, the system can be used to initiate time-sensitive inventory allocations, appointment coverage, geo-sensitive resource allocation and activation of emergency or required services. The IntelliBlast system integrates seamlessly with existing clinical and HR systems and does not require a separate operational platform.

"Ensuring that a nurse is present at the right time, in the right location, is time consuming and costly for hospitals and health systems and we believe the IntelliBlast system offers an ideal solution. We are excited to become a part of the TIC organization, which not only has a patent-pending cutting-edge technology solution, but also a highly talented management team. Targeted resource allocation is the future of healthcare staffing and shift fulfillment," said Joe Mayernik, partner in Alliance Healthcare Fund.

"Our staffing software offers tremendous benefit to clinicians too," added Browning. "When scheduling is not handled efficiently or communicated well, it can lead to shifts being short-staffed which, in turn, puts clinicians under increased stress, potentially decreasing job satisfaction and increasing turnover. Additionally, clinicians can create their own system preferences so they are not bothered on days when they are unavailable or taking time off. With IntelliBlast, they decide where, when and how often they want to work."

Visit for a free demo of the IntelliBlast system.

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About Targeted Instant Communications
Targeted Instant Communications, Inc. (TIC) specializes in the development and deployment of real-time communications solutions. Formerly known as Your Nurse is On, the revolutionary IntelliBlast® two-way, real-time blast communications system is transforming the way entire industries do business. Intelligent, targeted, instant communications with customers, clients, employees and independent contractors changes the ways that precious labor resources and perishable inventories are allocated. Right Now, in Real-Time™. Visit for more information and a system demo.

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