Allstate Debt Consolidation Releases Its Recommended Company List for 2016, a leading debt consolidation portal has released its new list of legitimate firms for the year 2016.

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HACKENSACK, N.J., Jan. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- From coast to coast, millions of well-intentioned Americans fall into some form of debt. For many, there's nothing more worrisome or annoying than not being able to erase this debt themselves. Many decide to go with a recognized method of reducing monthly costs known as debt consolidation.

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However, once they start their search for a reliable and trustworthy company, they quickly realize that their quest won't be so easy. Because there is such a large amount of companies and firms to choose from, finding one that has a consumer's best interest in mind can prove difficult. Many consumers also realize that they won't qualify for a personal loan to consolidate their debts.

That's where Allstate debt consolidation can help. They publish a list of legitimate companies that can help just about any person in debt find the firm that gives them the greatest chance of succeeding with their debt consolidation goals.

For the second year in a row, National Debt Relief gets the top honor on the list. But they don't offer traditional debt consolidation such as loans. Their program is actually for people that want to consolidate debt but don't qualify for a loan. Or for people that simply don't want to borrow more money.

With the solution from NDR, consumers get enrolled into a debt reduction program that can potentially get them out of debt in twenty four to forty eight months.

According to Allstate Debt Consolidation, NDR is one of the most highly respected and trustworthy firms in the marketplace. Not only have they maintained a great score with the Better Business Bureau, but they don't charge people upfront without performing the necessary work that's required by law.

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Jack Dominico, company rep, says this about the company… "NDR takes great care to work with people in debt, no matter what their financial circumstances are. If someone has more than ten thousand in debt but poor credit, NDR can work with them. If they have good credit, they can work with them too."

Their legitimacy and trustworthiness is proven by their great rating with the BBB and the fact that they have been around so long and have become one of the biggest firms in the industry. The ultimate proof is the thousands of satisfied customers.

Here's what Dominico says about trying to find the right firm… "If a company attempts to charge consumers upfront, then that is a sure sign that they are not a provider that can be trusted. NDR does not do this. "

If consumers are comfortable with the idea of getting another loan to consolidate debts, then recommends for that. They give people in debt a loan through the peer-to-peer lending model. The rates they charge are very competitive compared to other companies.

Allstate debt consolidation offers more than a list of companies, they also show consumers what they should do once they consolidate debts so they don't fall back into debt. Their site has plenty of material and tutorials for people trying to learn the important parts of personal finance.

If someone needs to learn how to create a financial plan to better manage money, they have info that can help with that. They even provide info for businesses struggling with too much debt. Most aspects of budgeting and finances are covered on their site.

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