AllThingsMine launches out of beta, provides users with cloud based personal gadget assistant on web and mobile

Infore Inc. launches AllThingsMine to help users manage devices, share experiences and discover new products and features through the social platform

Nov 24, 2015, 09:00 ET from Infore Inc.

MILPITAS, Calif., Nov. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Infore Inc., a web and mobile app incubator launched AllThingsMine, a personal gadget assistant for both mobile and web. AllThingsMine is the first and only place for users to catalogue their current device information, track upcoming information and share tips and insights with other users and friends.

The average family today owns over 30 electronic and electrical devices for work, entertainment and utility. Understanding and managing every device is becoming a growing problem. AllThingsMine alleviates that pain with a simple mobile and web app.

"Until now, there was no solution to help keep track of each gadget's warranties, updates and security features," said Saci Nambakkam, co-founder at AllThingsMine. "Everything had to be done manually and separately. We've created a platform that helps you track each of your devices and notifies you of only important information on each device."

AllThingsMine contains information for over two million products in 75 different categories. Through the web and mobile app, users gain access to product pictures, specifications, manuals, user guides, community discussions and reviews, videos, deals and more. They gain access to the social platform to share their knowledge of products, experiences, issues, etc. with friends, family and other users.  They also have access to insights and reviews, both from friends and experts in the industry.

"Our platform is a place for people to share products, ask questions and learn more about the products and gadgets they own," said Sreenivas Devalla, co-founder of the product. "We are creating a space for people to not only manage all of their devices in one place, but share their experiences using those gadgets with others."

Users simply scan a barcode, add an online receipt or search for a product to add it to their preferred list of products.  Users then have access to all of the product information as well information about related products and accessories. Users also get timely reminders, updates, alerts, and notifications from their circle of friends.

"I was shopping at Best Buy and I liked the Bluetooth speaker on display, so I scanned it through the app and added it to my wish list," said Jacob Gruver, an early adopter of AllThingsMine. "The app informed me that two of my friends had recommended it. I followed up with them and was able to make an informed purchasing decision on their feedback. It shortened my purchase time and helped me avoid returns."

About AllThingsMine:

AllThingsMine was founded in 2014 to help users manage their gadgets, such as phones, laptops, cameras and smart watches. The platform contains information for over two million products in 75 different categories. The founding team has over 20 years experience in applications, cloud, networking technologies and mobile app development. For more information visit




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