Alma® Lasers IMPACT™ Takes Cosmetic Skin Care to New Depths

New Breakthrough Technology Refines Topical Application with Deep Penetration for Enhanced Results

Nov 15, 2012, 11:01 ET from Alma Lasers, Inc.

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill., Nov. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Alma Lasers, Inc., a leading provider in laser, light, radiofrequency and ultrasound aesthetic and medical devices, is taking potent topical lotions and creams to new depths – deep below the surface of the skin.  The Impact™ trans-epidermal delivery system is a new, breakthrough technology from Alma Lasers that advances the absorption of cosmeceuticals by driving ingredients deeper into the skin to reach damaged areas without altering its structure.  Delivering these topicals deeper into the skin enhances high performance ingredients for quicker, noticeable results. Already used worldwide, Impact™ has received rave reviews on its ability to facilitate noticeable results on both the face and body for all skin types.

Impact™ emits gentle acoustic waves and air pressure on the skin, gently helping to advance cosmetic products into the skin's deeper layers for enhanced results on a wide variety of skin imperfections.  Creating a "push and pull" effect within the channels of the skin, Impact™ releases the buildup of intra-cellular fluid and helps powerful ingredients progress to the targeted tissue depth.  By applying cosmetic creams and lotions more efficiently, Impact™ provides deep, fast overall coverage leaving any skin tone looking bright, healthy, energized and smooth.   For practices looking to provide the next level in cosmetic care, this soothing, easy to use device delivers immediate, noticeable improvements in skin hydration and texture. 

"Impact™ technology utilizes acoustic pressure to allow topicals to be absorbed much deeper into the skin than if just applied superficially," says Dr. Michael Gold, Medical Director, Gold Skin Care Center, Nashville, TN  "Pre-clinical and clinical results are demonstrating that the Impact™ technology coupled with cosmetic products improves the delivery of cosmetic creams and lotions for multiple skin conditions. We have found that patients are thrilled with the ease of application and noticeable, immediate results.  Because it amps up nearly every topical ingredient I suspect the technique will become a major player when addressing skin conditions such as hydration, tone and texture."

"As we continue to stay at the forefront of delivering the most advanced, efficacious solutions that enhance clinical outcomes and promote positive patient experience, the introduction of the Impact™ system opens a whole new set of possibilities in cosmetic skin care," said Avi Farbstein, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Alma Lasers. "Studies in Europe and Asia indicate this new innovation promises to be one of the most effective skin care enhancements available and we are excited to now offer this revolutionary device in North America. "

For more information about Alma Lasers' Impact™ please contact Alexis Tedesco of Lexamedia at / 347-830-4004 or Jane Smith of Alma Lasers at / 978-314-1053

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