Almcoe Refrigeration Adopts EOS Climate's Refrigeration Asset System™ (RAS)

Almcoe is the first commercial refrigeration contractor to employ EOS Climate's Refrigerant Asset System to maximize the lifetime value of refrigerants.

Jun 17, 2014, 13:30 ET from EOS Climate

SAN FRANCISCO and DALLAS, June 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- EOS Climate, a leader in pioneering the complete life cycle management of refrigerants, today announced that Almcoe Refrigeration is the first commercial refrigeration contractor to adopt the Refrigeration Asset System (RAS), the first cross-sector business model that focuses on refrigerants as assets.

The Refrigeration Asset System (RAS) provides refrigerant-intensive industries, such as supermarkets, hotels and manufacturers of refrigeration and HVAC equipment as well as their service contractors, with multiple asset optimization paths for their refrigerants.

The Refrigeration Asset System deploys integrated barcode scanning technology across the refrigerant value chain to track every pound of refrigerant, from the point of purchase through the end of life. Deployed at scale, the system can prevent millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from reaching the atmosphere.

After conducting a beta test of RAS in 2013, Almcoe, a 54-year-old family owned business, began rolling out the system to its team of refrigeration technicians this year. The company is using the system to track its refrigerant inventory, reduce loss, manage distribution of refrigerants to supermarket customers, provide leak data for EPA compliance reporting, and capture value from refrigerant assets for itself and its customers.

"We saw during our beta test the benefits of tracking inventory with the Refrigeration Asset System and decided on the merits of that alone to implement the system," said Bill Almquist, president and owner of Almcoe Refrigeration and son of the founder. "It's going to be a great management tool for us."

The Refrigerant Asset System will enable Almcoe to treat refrigerant as an asset rather than a commodity, noted Almquist. "By treating it as an asset, we're trying to change the mindset of the industry."

EOS Climate is the global leader in refrigerant life cycle management. As pressure builds on corporations to track and minimize greenhouse gas emissions, our refrigerant management solutions are critical to both financial and sustainability performance. We have a proven track record of integrating technology, finance and sustainable practices to provide a better way of managing refrigerants.  Since 2010, our solutions have delivered more than 4 million metric tons of CO2-equivalent in emission reductions.  For more information, please visit

William Almquist and William Coe founded Almcoe Refrigeration in 1960 to provide quality refrigeration products and services. For more than four decades, Almcoe has built on that vision and continues today to be a leader in the industry. Almcoe specializes in many refrigeration services, including: Food Processing Industrial Storage Facilities; HVAC Helicopter Sets; Large Grocery Stores; and Refrigerant Conversions. Almcoe is a one stop shop for all refrigeration and HVAC needs, providing service work, installation, and equipment for sale.

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