Alminder Inc. Raises New Round of Seed Funding and Introduces Mynd Calendar to France, Germany and the Netherlands

Oct 15, 2013, 11:00 ET from Alminder, Inc.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Alminder Inc., creator of the top-rated, award-winning mobile smart calendar, "Mynd Calendar," announces closing a round of $1.5M in seed funding from Tugboat Ventures and private investors and expands availability of Mynd Calendar to France, Germany and the Netherlands.  This new round of funding will support advancement of Mynd Calendar's innovative features, and further international growth.


"At Alminder, Inc., we're revolutionizing the way that calendars help busy people navigate life," said Max Wheeler, CEO of Alminder, Inc., "We're very excited to announce this new funding, which enables us to introduce Mynd Calendar to the people of France, Germany and the Netherlands, and we look forward to expanding to even more locations soon."

Time is the heavily scheduled person's most valuable asset, and Mynd Calendar acts like a contextually aware virtual assistant, helping busy people make the best use of their time through a beautifully designed, intelligent calendar that learns a user's routine and priorities, and becomes more useful over time. 

Alminder Inc. closed this most recent, follow-on round of funding from Tugboat Ventures today on the heels of receiving $25,000 of new seed funding from Concur (NASDAQ: CNQR) last week, after being named "Best B2C Solution" at The Perfect Trip DevCon 2013."

"In just two months after launch, we're thrilled by the deep customer engagement and growth of Mynd users," said Dave Whorton, Founder of Tugboat Ventures. "We are proud to fund the talented team at Alminder, Inc., who I worked with at Good Technology. These guys have a long track record of execution and building well designed, useful products, and they're doing it again at Alminder, Inc."

Unlike other so-called "smart calendars," Mynd Calendar's sophisticated algorithms and integrated, real-time information sources work together to create unexpected conveniences and useful knowledge at the right time. For example, Mynd Calendar identifies the places that users drive within the content of their calendar events and accurately predicts, in advance, how much buffer time should be scheduled between meetings, given the typical traffic at that time of day.  As appointments draw near, Mynd Calendar tells users when to leave for meetings, based on current traffic conditions and launches the user's preferred navigation app to get them from point A to B on time. Mynd Calendar also:

  • Notifies users when they're running late and enables them to quickly email, call or text the people who need to know from the calendar.
  • Automatically identifies conference call numbers and codes and facilitates one-click dial-in.
  • Discovers the people listed in calendar events and displays their LinkedIn profile information.
  • Pulls in relevant Evernote notes into the calendar, making meeting preparation a breeze.
  • Delivers weather forecasts for current and anticipated locations.

Mynd Calendar is incredibly easy to setup and syncs seamlessly with a user's existing calendars including iCal, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo and more. 

The latest version of Mynd Calendar, is now available in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany and the Netherlands.  It is iOS7 compatible and introduces a new Apple Reminders integration to facilitate easy task management directly from the calendar.  In addition, it includes an improved LinkedIn integration, which more intelligently surfaces profile information for meeting attendees, even when they're not connected to the meeting organizer.  Mynd Calendar also now enables users to add gentle, yet effective, audible reminders that prompt them when to leave for a meeting or remind them of the start an event.   And, Mynd Calendar users now have more granular control over settings, including the ability to customize how far in advance to receive meeting alerts.

Download Mynd Calendar for iOS here:  To be notified when Mynd Calendar is available for other platforms, please send your email address to: Support(at)Alminder(dot)com.

About Alminder, Inc.

Mynd Calendar from Alminder Inc. is an award-winning intelligent mobile calendar that acts like a virtual assistant, saving users time and making life easier at home and work.  Mynd Calendar syncs with a user's existing iCal calendar (and any calendars within it including Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar and more), Address Book, Evernote account and LinkedIn account to deliver a seamless and contextually aware calendar experience that facilitates one-click conference call dial-in and gets users to meetings on time.  Unlike conventional calendars, Mynd Calendar not only helps users manage their day, it also learns where users spend their time / who they meet along the way, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to deliver a calendar experience that improves with use over time.  Mynd Calendar accurately predicts how much buffer time is needed to schedule between meetings, tells users when to leave for meetings based on current traffic conditions, and launches their favorite navigation app to get them to their appointment on time.  Alminder Inc. is based in Palo Alto, California and is supported by Tugboat Ventures.  The executive team includes key talent from Good Technology and the early Android team at Motorola Mobility.  Download Mynd Calendar for iOS:

About Tugboat Ventures.

Tugboat Ventures is an early stage, mentor capital firm dedicated to serving the highest potential entrepreneurs and business innovators today. Tugboat invests significant time, energy and money behind these select entrepreneurs to assist them in building market-leading companies. Tugboat's active involvement starts as early as concept stage and continues through public offering and beyond. Tugboat invests primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses on capital efficient companies in the areas of software infrastructure, enterprise software-as-a-service, consumer internet, mobility and cloud computing. Current and prior companies served by Tugboat's team include Blue Nile,, Good, Imperva, PGP, RepairPal, richrelevance, ShopItToMe and SuccessFactors. For more information about Tugboat Ventures, visit

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