Alon Blue Square Reaches Agreement for Sale of its Interest in Diners Club Israel Ltd.

Nov 29, 2015, 10:24 ET from Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd

YAKUM, Israel, November 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd. (NYSE: BSI) (the "Company") announced today that it reached an agreement, on November 29, 2015, regarding the sale of its interest in Diners Club Israel Ltd. ("Diners"). Under the terms of the transaction, the Company (which holds 36.75% of the share capital of Diners) and Dor Alon Financing Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Dor Alon Energy In Israel (1988) Ltd. which holds 12.25% of the share capital of Diners) ("Dor Alon") would sell their respective shareholdings in Diners to Credit Card for Israel Ltd. (the "CAL") for aggregate consideration of NIS 130 million to be distributed pro rata between the Company and Dor Alon.  The Company's pro-rata share in the consideration shall be NIS 97,500,000.

CAL will also pay to the Company and Dor Alon four additional installments of NIS 5 million each to be distributed pro rata between the Company and Dor Alon (with the Company's pro-rata portion of each additional installment to be NIS 3,750,000) on each of March 31, 2016, September 9, 2016, March 31, 2017 and September 30, 2017 upon the satisfaction of various conditions precedent, including that the existing agreement between Diners and the YOU Loyalty Plan of the Company, the Company's subsidiary, Mega Retail Ltd., and Dor Alon Energy In Israel (1988) Ltd. will continue in effect, that Mega and the Company's fuel service stations (including convenience stores under the brand names "Dor Alon" and "Alonit") are part of the companies granting discounts in the context of the loyalty plan, and that on the date of payment that Mega Retail will continue to operate a minimum number of stores (115 stores for the first payment and 100 stores for the remaining payments), and that no request for dissolution or stay of proceedings (or similar event) will have been initiated against Mega Retail.

The closing of the transaction is subject to notification of, or receipt of or regulatory approval from the Supervisor of Banks at the Bank of Israel, receipt of written approval from Diners Club International, and with respect to Dor Alon, either the elapse of a 14 day period from November 29, 2015 without receipt of an objection by any shareholder or group of shareholders that holds at least 1% of Dor Alon's issued share capital or voting rights to approval of the transaction pursuant to Section 1C of the Companies Regulation (Reliefs In Transactions With Interested Parties) - 2000 or receipt of applicable shareholder approval by Dor Alon in the event such objection is received.

Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd. (hereinafter: "Alon Blue Square") operates in five reportable operating segments and is the largest retail company in the State of Israel. In the Fueling and Commercial Sites segment, Alon Blue Square through its 63.13% subsidiary, which is listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange ("TASE"), Dor Alon Energy in Israel (1988) Ltd is one of the four largest fuel retail companies in Israel based on the number of petrol stations and a leader in the field of convenience stores operating a chain of 211 petrol stations and 220 convenience stores in different formats in Israel. In its supermarket segment, Alon Blue Square, as a pioneer in the modern food retail, through its 100% subsidiary, Mega Retail Ltd., currently operates 150 supermarkets under different formats, each offering a wide range of food products, "Near Food" products and "Non-Food" products at varying levels of service and pricing. In its "Houseware and textile" segment, Alon Blue Square, through its TASE traded 77.51% subsidiary, Na'aman Group (NV) Ltd. Operates specialist outlets in self-operation and franchises and offers a wide range of "Non-Food" products as retailer and wholesaler. In the Real Estate segment, Alon Blue Square, through its TASE traded 53.92% subsidiary Blue Square Real Estate Ltd., owns, leases and develops income producing commercial properties and projects. In addition, Alon Blue Square operates the issuance and clearance of gift certificates, and through Diners Club Israel Ltd., an associate held at 36.75%, which operates in the sector of issuance and clearance of YOU credit cards to the customer club members of the group.

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