Alpha Technologies empowers Wireless Carriers' roll out of HetNets

Announces New AC and DC Power Products to Help Overcome Spectrum Limitations

Oct 09, 2013, 08:00 ET from Alpha Technologies

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Alpha Technologies Ltd., the power behind the evolution of telecommunications networks, today announced the launch of a variety of new products that power Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets), the primary tool for wireless carriers' efforts to augment bandwidth capacity and overcome spectrum limitations.  The products include AC, DC and line powering systems for either indoor or outdoor applications, as well as a multipurpose equipment enclosure.  The new products will be displayed at OSP EXPO 2013 taking place at the Dallas Convention Center, on October 9-10, 2013, in Dallas, Texas.

"While HetNets are becoming mainstream tools for spectrum relief, the network solutions are still evolving," said Mike Burkhalter, Vice President of U.S. Sales.  "Like other types of outside plant electronics, no single solution fits all needs.  Alpha's response is to offer AC, DC and line power systems, in aesthetically pleasing, carrier-grade enclosures that meet the diverse needs of our customers as well as the public they are serving."

The SE41-20 Multipurpose Outdoor Enclosure is a versatile cabinet that enables service providers to use the same basic cabinet in a variety of outside plant power applications.  For AC-powered outdoor DAS and small cell applications, the SE41-20 is equipped with Alpha's rugged FXM-2000 UPS and AlphaCell 195GXL Front Terminal batteries.  For DC-powered applications, the SE41-20 can be equipped with Alpha's Cordex HP 1.2kW rectifier system and batteries. The versatile SE41-20 cabinet offers 20RU of internal rack space and adjustable mounting rails that can be configured for either 19" or 23" equipment, in addition to a variety of customer-selectable thermal management options. Visit

The CXDF 48-57/2kW DC-DC Converter is a modular converter system that produces a constant 57Vdc output independent of fluctuations in input voltage.  When rectifiers and batteries are used as the source voltage, line powered networks must be planned assuming the worst case 42Vdc cutoff voltage for the batteries.  The 57Vdc constant voltage output of the CXDF 48-57 enables the use of 57Vdc as the source voltage, providing more than 35% improvement in reach.  Controlled by Alpha's Cordex CXC system controller, the CXDF 48-57 system offers intelligent controls that enable system provisioning, monitoring and control on-site or remotely via an Internet connection through a network Web browser. Visit

The CXPS 57-2.0-i Converter System combines the CXDF 48-57/2kW converter with the eLimiter™ Current Limiting Power Panel, Alpha's groundbreaking solution for distributing power over copper cable from the Head End source to Remote Nodes, avoiding the cost and maintenance of UPS's and batteries scattered throughout the facility.  By using the CXPS 48-57 converter as the front end, the configuration can extend NEC Class 2 circuits to the outlying reaches of their networks, providing safe circuits that can be easily deployed using telco technicians instead of electricians.  Controlled by Alpha's Cordex CXC system controller, the CXPS 57-2.0-i system comprises a single CXDF converter shelf and two eLimiter shelves in a compact, easy-to-deploy configuration that can serve 48 remote iDAS nodes. Visit and

For over 35 years, Alpha Technologies has been an industry pioneer and global leader in the design and manufacture of AC and DC power. Our distinctive excellence is the ability to innovate and quickly deliver optimized solutions for our customers' unique powering challenges in the Telecom, Cable Broadband, Traffic, Security, Industrial and Renewable Energy industries. Alpha's TL 9000 certified quality system, award-winning product strategy and continuous improvement/operational excellence program focuses on achieving complete customer satisfaction and supplying solutions of the highest quality, value and reliability.

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