Alternative LA Rapper Sitting Dove Takes Flight

Eileen Koch & Company Welcomes Sitting Dove

Aug 02, 2011, 15:17 ET from Eileen Koch & Company

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Independent LA rapper Sitting Dove ( takes flight with his debut album "Blossom." (*Available on iTunes.) Sitting Dove leads listeners on a surreal psychedelic/hip hop/pop-folk musical journey while grappling with some of the nation's most controversial and pressing issues. Although inspiration landed on this artist's doorstep, he never thought this "trip" would become so real. Sitting Dove has hired Eileen Koch & Company to handle all of his public relations needs.

One afternoon almost five years ago, the inspiration for Sitting Dove's musical name and melodies came in the form of a lone dove that landed on the artist's apartment stoop. Captivated, the artist took pictures as the mysterious dove "seemed to pose" for him. Since that day, the ideas behind Sitting Dove "fought and fermented" in the artist's mind until finally finding musical form last fall. The "Blossom" album was conceived last Halloween at a recording studio in Santa Monica, CA and released Friday, May 13th, 2011. The album is a testament to the artist "embracing the dove's spirit...whatever it is" and allowing himself to be inspired enough to "create something a little different." The unique vocal styles, instrumentation, and topical content in Sitting Dove's songs echo some of the musical stylings of his wide-ranging influences: 2Pac, Bob Dylan, Kanye West, The Doors, Public Enemy, and Pink Floyd.

While accessible to virtually every age group, Sitting Dove is primarily geared for the 18-35 demographic. Sitting Dove's lyrics revolve around heartbreak and the haunting social and political problems facing this generation­­–even boldly taking on the Federal Reserve and banking establishment in the song "Big Daddy." Coating a dire Eminem vibe with a catchy Katy Perry feel, Sitting Dove softly lures listeners into an unsettling 'New World' where the dystopian nightmare has become the common reality.

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