Alternative Probiotic Applications Offer $2 Billion+ Market Potential

Emerging opportunities in probiotics to address oral, women's, and additional digestive healthcare to greatly increase the market for probiotic strains.

Mar 29, 2011, 10:17 ET from Technology Catalysts International

FALLS CHURCH, Va., March 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Technology Catalysts International, leading global consultants to the consumer healthcare industry, announced that new research has identified probiotics as key to the future of healthcare.  Probiotics are consumed to assist antibiotics, not only in digestive health, but also for promoting immunological, pediatric, CNS, and skin health and well-being.  New delivery and carrier technologies for probiotics increase bioavailability and shelf life of live bacteria administered to the human host; creating another potential business opportunity in competitive niche markets around the world.

In general, probiotics are isolated from healthy individuals, and are ingested to reside within the human GI tract to compete with the pathogenic bacteria in the body. Until recently, the "buzz" about probiotics has dealt with aiding digestive conditions through yogurt formulations.  However, the probiotic mechanisms of other applications are closely related to digestive improvements, but the market potential in these areas has yet to be exploited.  Probiotics, not only provide assistance to drugs and foods, but they are natural, and therefore demonstrate a strong marketable edge in consumer healthcare.

Peggy Steele, Global Business Director, Health and Nutrition for Danisco, states that although the probiotic market numbers are confusing, she believes the probiotics market will continue to grow at a robust rate. Although there are estimates the probiotic market will exceed $32 million by 2015, Steele believes the market will surpass that number.  Danisco, a global leader in probiotics, has seen strong recent success with its North American launch of its HOWARU® Protect in children's beverages, clinically proven to reduce cold and flu symptoms.  The recent acquisition of Danisco by DuPont has made major headlines.  Experts predict DuPont will make significant investments to boost scientific evidence, which has been a struggle for all probiotic companies whose products were rejected by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulations.  The DuPont investment in Danisco is also slated to spur investments in Europe and China.  Steele strongly believes that the recent acquisition by DuPont "will greatly strengthen Danisco's success in the global market for probiotics."

Technology Catalysts' newly-released report "Probiotics: Digestion & Beyond " identifies 30 companies actively developing probiotics categorized by digestive health, oral health, women's health, prebiotics, strain formulation, and probiotic carrier technologies, open to licensing or other strategic alliance opportunities.  In addition, the report covers an overview of the science of probiotics and prebiotics, the ongoing challenges between regulatory organizations and probiotic companies, and what this means for the future market of probiotics.

TCI's report includes a market analysis of probiotic technologies, company profiles, recent activities and mergers of leading companies, market analysis by global region, role of prebiotics in the probiotic market, and product patents and developments. Technology Catalysts forecasts the total probiotics market could approach nearly $34 million by 2014, and possibly approach $2 billion before the end of the decade.

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