AMD LASERS Announces Expansion Into the Hard Tissue Dental Laser Market

Nov 24, 2015, 12:56 ET from AMD LASERS

INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- AMD LASERS, the global leader in soft tissue dental lasers announced today it will enter the hard tissue dental laser market unveiling the new dental laser at the Greater New York Society Meeting on November 29, 2015, at its booth: #5232 and at the IADFE: International Academy For Dental Facial Esthetics meeting on Monday November 30th, 2015. AMD LASERS entered the soft tissue laser market in 2009 with its Picasso line of lasers and has dominated the market segment ever since.  

The new hard tissue laser is FDA cleared to perform cavity preparations, bone surgery and a host of soft tissue procedures. The new dental laser is much smaller in size & weight and half the price of some hard tissues lasers on the market.

Alan Miller, CEO and Founder of AMD LASERS, explains the company's expansion into hard tissue lasers, "Our vision was to make dental lasers affordable for everyone and we've succeeded. Our Picasso soft tissue lasers have dominated over every other dental laser company since we brought them to market and there is no doubt we will do the same in the hard tissue world as well. We launched Picasso and Picasso Lite with the vision to make laser dentistry affordable for every dental practice, ensuring a laser is placed in every operatory in every office around the world. With the new hard tissue we are continuing this mindset, by providing affordable total laser solutions to the general practitioner. The Picasso line of dental lasers are the most loved, celebrated, endorsed and awarded lasers in dentistry and we are confident that the new hard tissue laser will make a great addition to any dental practice," says Miller. "Our award-winning customer service, a comprehensive training program, and a marketing package will give dentists what they really want at an affordable price. I consider patients around the world to be the real winners."

The most exciting part of the new hard tissue laser is the additional items and services that are included as part of the package. First, the laser combines innovation with art, and much smaller in size and weight compared to other hard tissue lasers making it easy to fit into any office. Secondly, as part of the package, each new owner will receive an all day, in-office training by a certified dental laser hygienist covering treatment planning and billing, laser safety, full office certification, and hands-on clinical training. In addition, owners will receive a full day Master Training Course at one of the many training centers across America. Every practice will feel comfortable and confident using their new dental laser. Lastly, each package includes a comprehensive, advanced marketing launch kit consisting of a practice focused marketing plan, personalized press release, and patient oriented marketing materials to increase patient awareness and provide all the tools a practice needs to market laser dentistry effectively and efficiently.

Dr. Ron KaminerHewlett, NY, a foremost international lecturer and trainer on hard tissue lasers says, "AMD LASERS is doing it again.  First they shocked the world with Picasso by lowering the entry point so substantially that all dentists could afford one and now they are doing it again for hard tissue lasers.  I have trained other company's hard tissue lasers and am blown away at how much smaller and easy to use this new laser is, it is a huge jump forward in technology and user friendliness.  The cutting speed and reliability is light years ahead of the other laser companies and with a price point at half of some other companies it will undoubtedly be #1 best seller just like their Picasso."

AMD LASERS is family owned and operated, and is the global leader in dental lasers. In 2009 AMD LASERS forever changed the world of laser dentistry with the introduction of the Picasso line of lasers. Recent awards include the 2015 Pride Institute's Best in Class, Townie Choice and many more. The Picasso and Picasso Lite enable dental practices to provide treatment for soft tissue surgery, periodontal treatment and laser whitening. With the addition of the new hard tissue laser: cavity preparation, soft tissue surgery and bone surgery, can be integrated to take any practice to a new level of patient care. AMD LASERS' passion and innovation drive beautiful products created today that will help make for a better tomorrow. AMD LASERS worldwide free laser program is impacting cultures in more than 80 countries. AMD LASERS is solidly committed to providing revolutionary affordable dental lasers with award winning customer service.

Effective. Practical. Affordable. World Class Lasers.

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