America Elects Education Reformers as Governors

Nov 04, 2010, 10:26 ET from Center for Education Reform

Voters in 30 states choose governors who support education reform

WASHINGTON, Nov. 4, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Overwhelmingly, voters in 30 states on Tuesday elected state leaders who demonstrate true support for education reforms such as charter schools, school choice and performance pay for teachers, according to an analysis by The Center for Education Reform. These governors will set and drive the education agendas for their states over the next four years and, in many cases, for the generation to come.

"We know that voters across the country routinely place education at the top of their priority list when it comes to state elections, especially for Governor," said Jeanne Allen, President of The Center for Education Reform. "It's no surprise that more and more Americans are looking to elect statewide officials who are just as dedicated to their kids' futures as they are."

Of the 30 confirmed gubernatorial winners on Tuesday:

  • 67% strongly support charter schools
  • 40% are in favor of comprehensive school choice for parents and students
  • 47% want real performance pay for teachers
  • 11 governors-elect are uniformly in favor of these three reforms
  • 6 governors-elect are uniformly negative on these three reforms

"Time and time again, when governors embrace education reform, great things happen," said Allen. "But it is not enough just to elect state leaders who say they will work towards reforming education for all children. It's not a one-time, one-day commitment. Voters must put their governor's feet to the fire and continuously hold them accountable for the promises that put them in office in the first place."

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SOURCE Center for Education Reform