American Advocate Services Opens Office in Long Beach

Aug 26, 2015, 18:18 ET from American Advocate Services

LONG BEACH, Calif., Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- American Advocate Services is a California company located in Long Beach. They are a consultation firm specializing in alternate investment and private equity evaluations. With several years of experience, their team is well adapt to handle any investment problems brought to them. With a licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant (LDA) on staff, they are able to assist with a variety of tasks from corporate investigation to document and complaint filing. With a wide range of clientele and expectations, American Advocate Services prides itself on their teams' ability to skillfully maneuver through several areas of expertise, including but not limited to Oil & Gas Investments and other Private Placement Offerings, Precious Metal Trades and their affiliated broker-dealers, pre-IPO stock companies and their tradeable assets, and at-home business ventures and opportunities.

Although a newer company, showing registration as a company able to do business in California, just earlier this year, the dynamic they have created to aid their clients in self-help related services is unstoppable. A main focus of American Advocate Services is to help both novice and experienced investors with regulatory complaint filing against other companies nationwide. It has been shown that complaints filed with state and federal regulators tend to assist in future investigations that may result in litigation and restitution. Without the aid of companies like American Advocate Services, many of the investors and consumers of the world, whom have seen significant losses of their own retirement funds, would be unaware of the potential advantages associated with the necessity of consumer complaint filing.

Contact information for American Advocate Services
Located at 5199 East Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 306N, Long Beach, CA 90804
LDA: Amanda Langer- (562) 498-1712
President of Company: Jim Chambliss – (562) 597-0925
Customer Support: (888) 597-9007



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