American Airlines VP Roger Frizzell, Named to Advisory Board of Mission NewEnergy, Limited

Mar 22, 2011, 14:40 ET from Multi-Media Enterprises

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi-Media Enterprises is reporting that Mission NewEnergy Limited (ASX: MBT), a global leader in providing energy from renewable origins, has named Roger Frizzell, Vice President of Corporate Communications at American Airlines, to its Advisory Board. The appointment was announced by Mission's Advisory Board Chairman Major General Wilbert D. Pearson (USAF-Ret).

"Alternative energy is a compelling issue for civilian and military aviation both from a cost and environmental perspective," Pearson said. "Roger's leadership in the private sector in his current role at American Airlines and his previous experience at AT&T and HP together with his personal commitment to finding solutions to environmental challenges provides Mission NewEnergy with another strong voice for reliance upon responsible products for our future."

Mission NewEnergy, an Australian based company, is involved in the management of more than 140,000 indigent farmers in India growing and processing non-edible Jatropha seeds in marginal land without displacing agricultural land used for food supply. The Jatropha solution is receiving global support as the seeds do not affect food supplies or prices and the company does not rely upon government funding.

James Garton, President of Mission NewEnergy, USA said, "We welcome Roger Frizzell as our first Advisory Board member. We will continue to bring together outstanding business leaders, scholars and advocates to our Board to work with General Pearson in pursuing a sustainable future relying on renewable energy."

Frizzell is a University of Oklahoma Distinguished Alumnus and Hall of Fame former world class collegiate wrestler.

"The airline industry's dependence on traditional oil and fuel and their skyrocketing costs are a monumental problem for us in addition to our environmental concerns," Frizzell said. "I am pleased and honored to join in the pursuit of alternative energy for our industry, our nation, our company and our families."

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