American Association for Justice and Esquire Bank Execute Exclusive Marketing Licensing Agreement

Jan 26, 2010, 03:15 ET from Esquire Bank

GARDEN CITY, N.Y., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Esquire Bank ("Bank") today announced the execution of an exclusive Marketing Licensing Agreement ("Agreement") with the American Association for Justice ("AAJ"), formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, or ATLA®.  As the world's largest trial bar, AAJ promotes justice and fairness for injured persons, safeguards victims' rights -- particularly the right to trial by jury -- and strengthens the civil justice system through education and disclosure of information critical to public health and safety. With members worldwide, and a network of U.S. and Canadian affiliates involved in diverse areas of trial advocacy, AAJ provides lawyers with the information and professional assistance needed to serve clients successfully and protect the democratic values inherent in the civil justice system.  Esquire Bank is a federally insured savings bank, founded in 2006 to serve and support law professionals with banking solutions and unmatched client service across the United States.

"As AAJ's 'Bank of Choice'(1) this Agreement represents a significant milestone for our Bank, emphasizing our affinity and dedication to the trial bar," commented Andrew C. Sagliocca, President and Chief Executive Officer of Esquire Bank.  "At Esquire Bank, we understand the unique needs and financial pressures facing the law community, providing banking and business solutions to firms, their owners, employees and clients.  With the most prestigious and successful trial lawyers nationwide, the AAJ Agreement should enhance our Bank's future growth and revenue while supporting AAJ's key programs and initiatives."

"Esquire Bank is one of the few banks in the U.S. that specifically supports and understands the trial bar and its needs," commented Anthony Tarricone, President of AAJ.  "I am delighted that our members' participation in Esquire Bank's products and services helps financially support AAJ's mission."

Esquire Bank provides the highest quality relationship banking to our clients, offering a full range of banking services and products with very competitive deposit and loan rates.  These products and services are supported by our enthusiastic and accessible team of banking professionals.  The Bank's electronic delivery channels provide our clients with tools to conduct their banking business more efficiently and effectively.  

About Esquire Bank

Esquire Bank is a full-service, federally chartered savings bank serving law professionals, professional service firms, small to mid-sized businesses and individuals across the United States.  We understand the unique needs and financial pressures facing law firms and their owners, providing banking solutions tailored to meet their needs.  Through our electronic delivery channels including our Legal Practice Financial Management Suite ("LP Suite"), we can provide a virtual private bank branch in our customer's office. Our LP Suite streamlines our customers' operations and enhances their efficiencies, enabling our customers to scan checks for electronic deposit without leaving their place of business. Our LP Suite also includes bill payment services, wire transfers, ACH origination, account transfers, real time deposit relationship updates and remote official check printing from our customer's office.  We complement these innovative services with a full range of traditional banking products and services.  As an advocate of the law community, Esquire Bank is a sponsor and business partner for several associations that support attorneys through programs and research tools.

Esquire Bank's Brooklyn branch is located at 64 Court Street, New York, NY, and the Garden City branch is at 320 Old Country Road, Garden City, NY. Esquire Bank's customer support offices in Manhattan are located at 20 East 46th Street, Suite 320, New York, NY and 233 Broadway, 8th Floor, New York, NY.

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1. Esquire Bank is the "Bank of Choice" of AAJ when promoting its banking products and/or services, except with respect to business working capital loans and lines of credit and personal lines of credit, which are explicitly not covered under the terms of this Agreement.

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