American House Senior Living Communities Commissions Painting to Commemorate America's Founding Fathers

"In God We Trust" by Renowned Artist d.hummel-marconi Celebrates the American Spirit and Will be Used as a Teaching Tool at American House History Classes

Jun 17, 2010, 14:20 ET from American House Senior Living Communities

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- American House Senior Living Communities, in conjunction with the American history classes currently underway at 12 of their metro Detroit communities, today announced the commissioning of a painting created exclusively for American House by world renowned artist d.hummel-marconi.  

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The painting, entitled "In God We Trust," is a vibrant, poignant work prominently featuring 20 of the Founding Fathers of America along with James Armistead Lafayette.  Lafayette was a slave who volunteered for service during the Revolutionary War and played an integral role in the American victory at the Yorktown battle. Lafayette masqueraded as an escaped slave and gathered important espionage behind enemy lines, obtaining and relaying intelligence about the movements and plans of the British army to the Americans.  

The painting was designed to engage and help students re-associate themselves with America's Founding Fathers.  A separate, corresponding guide identifying the 20 figures will accompany reprints of the painting and be used as a teaching tool with the American history classes currently being offered at twelve American House communities in Roseville Sterling Heights, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, Southfield, Troy and West Bloomfield.

"This painting, combined with our American history classes, really symbolizes what American House stands for and what we believe in," said Bob Gillette, founder, American House Senior Living Communities.  "This will be an invaluable tool for our teachers to visually show our country's Founding Fathers and the heroism of James Armistead Lafayette."

The American history classes, which are open to the public, are being taught by three current or retired teachers from the metro Detroit area. Dolly Katzenstein, herself an American House resident in West Bloomfield and former teacher of 33 years; Diane Langlands, a substitute teacher and night manager at the American House communities in Roseville and Clinton Township and Linda Austin, adjunct instructor at Henry Ford Community College.  

Current sessions are focusing on the Declaration of Independence through July 4, then will feature the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and the signing of the Constitution, culminating during Patriot Week, September 11 – 17.  Free pocket-sized replicas of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution will be handed out at each session.

"We at American House are very passionate about patriotism and the need for all citizens, young and old, to be educated or have a refresher course on American history," added Gillette.  "With a decrease in American history being taught in schools, the significance of holidays such as Independence Day is lost in today's society."

Reprints of "In God We Trust" can be purchased directly from artist and partner d.hummel-marconi.  For more information or to order visit

Patriot Week was created by Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren with the goal of renewing America's spirit by celebrating First Principles, persons, documents and flags that made the U.S. a leader in freedom and the world-recognized model of a democratic society.  American House is a member of the Patriot Week organizing committee.  Please visit for more information.

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