American National Medical Management LLC to Launch Innovative Health Insurance Reimbursement Technology at Medtrade 2012

Apr 09, 2012, 19:39 ET from American National Medical Management LLC

LAS VEGAS, April 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- American National Medical Management LLC (ANMM), a rapidly expanding Health Insurance Reimbursement Technology company, will launch its latest innovation in health insurance claims processing and oversight at Medtrade 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada April 10-12.

ANMM, an organization which has traditionally worked alongside a select clientele, has extended its services commercially to the public and will showcase its patent pending technologies to the network of medical device providers and manufacturers at the event.

With a growing number of medical providers experiencing problems in distributing equipment to patients because of coverage being denied by insurance companies, ANMM identified a niche in the market and developed a unique sequence of procedures, using its own self-designed software to process health insurance claims, serving a much needed and lacking function in the industry.   

Often times, insurance companies continue to reject, delay or deny claims until both the patient and provider feel they have no other option but to give up.

ANMM has taken over denied, delayed and underpaid claims and successfully overturned the insurance companies' decision, increasing the provider's revenue while reducing the patient's out of pocket cost for the device or service.

The company is distinct in its high success rate because it holds insurance companies legally and financially liable for failure to meet its reimbursement obligations.

"We are different from other medical billing companies in that we apply the existing Federal laws to each specific claim that we submit. Upon adverse benefit determinations, ANMM enacts a series of proprietary processes aimed at overturning the initial determination and ultimately resulting in proper reimbursement for the service or device provided," said Greg Maldonado, President of ANMM.

In a recent Claims Reimbursement Study, after becoming a client of ANMM, one durable medical equipment provider reported a 280 percent growth in reimbursement, equaling an increase in revenue of more than half a million dollars in one month.

"ANMM has had an unprecedented success rate and it looks forward to growing its client base as the company continues to expand, changing the way in which medical reimbursement is processed around the country," said Mr. Maldonado.

SOURCE American National Medical Management LLC