American Spine Physicians Hosting Advanced Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Workshop

Jun 07, 2012, 23:18 ET from American Spine

FREDERICK, Md., June 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- American Spine will host another Advanced Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Training Workshop at their multi-specialty spine center in Frederick, Maryland on June 8th, 2012. This workshop will take place at American Spine Surgery Center located at 1050 Key Parkway Suite 104, Frederick, MD. Led by American Spine medical directors, Drs. Atif Malik and Sandeep Sherlekar, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Said Osman (Frederick, MD), and orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Michael Hess (Munich, Germany) of maxMorespine® System, a group of physician invitees will partake in this comprehensive training curriculum, which includes both surgical observation of cutting-edge, endoscopic lumbar spine procedures, clinical presentations, and hands-on inanimate and cadaver experiences. Expert faculty will perform, present, discuss and proctor all aspects of transforaminal endoscopic lumbar spine access, pathology, indications/ contra –indications and various treatment applications.

The workshop is intended for doctors who are committed to performing minimally invasive spine procedures. The physicians leading this course will focus on these state-of-the-art procedures, including the FDA approved maxMorespine® System to perform advanced endoscopic spine procedures that result in better patient outcomes compared to traditional spine surgery.

The maxMorespine® System is designed specifically for a postereolateral transforaminal approach to perform safe, targeted foraminotomy for restoration of the spine neuro anatomy.  These innovative patented instruments provide access to all lumbar disc levels, as well as versatile manipulation and treatment of disc pathology without unnecessary destabilization of the spine or intervertebral disc which results from open spine surgery.

The workshop will take place on Friday, June 8th, 2012 at American Spine Surgery Center's ( new, state-of-the-art facility, located at 1050 Key Parkway Suite 104 in Frederick, Maryland. American Spine specializes in the latest non-invasive and minimally invasive surgical techniques, including the maxMorespine® System.  

SOURCE American Spine