America's Fittest CEO Pilot Named Joe Berti to List of Finalists

Austin Fitness Enthusiast Makes the Cut

Mar 05, 2013, 09:47 ET from Clockwork

AUSTIN, Texas, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Clockwork, a global leader in predictive analytics for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, announced today that Joseph Berti, Clockwork CEO, has been named as a finalist for the pilot America's Fittest CEO.  Berti participated in an initial fitness assessment along with over 40 other CEOs from around the nation to test their cardiovascular and physical strength and received confirmation in late February that he made it to the series production of America's Fittest CEO.



The best way to describe Berti is as a fast paced entrepreneur that has weaved health and fitness into his passion for launching companies and innovative new products. As CEO of Clockwork Solutions he leads a team focused on the adoption of predictive analytics solutions to save companies billions of dollars. "We are currently launching a new product that will expand the solution globally and to additional industries," shared Berti.   "That means long hours and travel – I just don't want my team to end up where I was physically seven years ago after this success."

He personally started his journey towards becoming fit – again, after years of global travel and long hours at work.  "Unhealthy living took a toll on my body," stated Berti. "I went on a ride with 'the guys' at Big Bend and struggled to keep up.  Enough was enough, I decided to join a gym to get back into shape. It started with spin classes, then running, boot camps and power yoga," added Berti.  Before he knew it he was training to become a spin instructor after members of his class suggested he consider teaching. "I never thought I would be a spin instructor but I liked the idea of helping others get healthy and encouraging them to transform their lives," Berti shared.

Since taking the post of CEO at Clockwork, Berti has encouraged the team to activate company subsidized gym memberships, requested to revamp choices in the office break room to include healthy choices and remove processed, sugar laden snacks, and most recently invited the team to participate in his classes. But Clockwork's team is just a small piece, Berti's intense passion for helping others transform their lives by becoming healthy is something he practices in his free time as well. Being an entrepreneur, it then became a natural fit to mix business with pleasure, or in his case - exercise.

Concerned about the trend of obesity in our country and increased spending on fitness and gym memberships, he decided to brainstorm ideas about how to solve the issue. Who better than an entrepreneur to tackle America's obesity problem? It did not take long to figure out that there was one major area of a gym where people were getting results and that was group fitness classes, where he obtained results. Berti paired up with Kathy Redden, notably the best trainer/instructor in Austin, and together they positioned a business plan and investors to launch Tetra Fitness, Austin's first group fitness studio focused on 'Crazy Hard, Crazy Fun' workouts where they expect every member to actually show up and get fit.

"Health and fitness topics are discussed every day but many still sit back and say – TOMORROW!" shared Ryan Parmenter, Associate Producer.  "The concept for America's Fittest CEO will help to raise awareness in corporate America that business leaders can have an impact on the health of their employees.  Joe Berti is a perfect example of that."

Berti lives a healthy life style combining diet and exercise, but his heart is in physical exertion.  Whether it is running the Boston Marathon on the 2013 Champions 4 Children team or teaching one of his early morning cycle classes, fitness has truly become one of the foundations of his life. Berti made a life changing decision to live a healthy lifestyle and has become an example of dedication, commitment and hard work that motivates others.

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