Amidst Growing Veteran Needs, Budget Cuts and Bulging Lines St. Anthony's Anticipates 37 Millionth Meal

Apr 07, 2011, 18:56 ET from St. Anthony Foundation

SF Giants Inspire Community Support by Serving Monumental Meal

SAN FRANCISCO, April 7, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As area nonprofits brace for continued budget cuts and a potential housing setback for veterans, St. Anthony Foundation prepares to serve its 37 millionth meal. Between 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 12, St. Anthony's will 'momentarily pause' the usual service to honor the significant moment with San Francisco Giants players, celebrating a 'giant' contribution to the community.

St. Anthony's has provided unwavering support for the hungry and homeless for 60 years. Advancing upon this milestone, community support is what's celebrated because it is that which has made possible these years of service. At the same time, the organization is also humbled by the prospect for increasing need.

"Out of approximately 2600 daily meals we provide, nearly one quarter of them are to veterans," said Shari Roeseler, Executive Director for St. Anthony's. "As we approach this significant milestone, we're also planning for what could result from reduced veteran housing vouchers and government funding for other pillar San Francisco organizations. Because we're privately supported, we often pick up where others are limited, so community building is even more critical for St. Anthony's at this time."

Veteran's services are nothing new to St. Anthony's. In 1950, the Foundation was established to provide support in an economy still recovering from World War II. Today, with veterans returning home from recent unrest, the road to re-entry is more challenging as benefits are reduced and the need for services has become more pronounced.

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, two trends are largely responsible for the continued rise in homelessness:  A growing shortage of affordable rental housing and simultaneous increase in poverty. Our current ongoing recession, compounded with a lack of veteran's housing vouchers will most certainly impact our nonprofit infrastructure.

"As we honor our 37 millionth meal and our 60th anniversary this fall, we continue to look ahead and prepare for an increase in the need for our services.  With the help of the community, St. Anthony's will serve our 40 millionth meal in our new Dining Room, which we hope will open in 2014," Roeseler continued. For more information on the 37 millionth meal, services provided, or upcoming programs, visit

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