Amloid 100 year Anniversary

Feb 12, 2016, 17:00 ET from Amloid

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J., Feb. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In  2016, Amloid celebrates their 100 year anniversary! Amloid proudly brings a century of unwavering commitment to its founder's vision: to create quality, affordable, toys. Innovative design and exacting attention to detail continue to produce unique product lines that have delighted generations of children around the world.

The last 100 years of History
In the early 1900s, Amloid's original visionaries first set up shop in a two-car garage, across the road from a goat farm. With a small amount of money and a great amount of personal determination, their dream was a simple one:  to create quality toys at affordable prices, helping children everywhere to make the most of their childhood years. Did they realize their vision?  The record of the corporation, established in 1916 and proving successful for the past 100 years, provides overwhelming evidence to the affirmative: they realized their vision and then some! From the baby rattles that they made before the Great Depression to the first injection-molded sand pail produced in 1931, the Albarelli family produced toys so special that many of them were destined to become classics. Many of these classic toys came to be called "attic toys;" they created such fond memories that children were often unwilling to part with them even after they had outgrown them, thus forcing mothers to tuck them away in attics, often retrieving them for the next generation.

Through the years, Amloid has followed their founder's lead, maintaining a solid commitment to quality and value, and yet always emphasizing and encouraging innovation and creativity. In 1967, Amloid became the first company ever to sell beach toys in netted sets, now an established practice/standard in the toy industry. In 1969, The Sandman debuted, making Amloid one of the first companies to create and manufacture a take-apart toy, thereby placing them on the cutting edge of an innovation that proved to significantly impact the entire industry.

Known primarily for their quality beach toys, Amloid manufactured these popular products in New Jersey until 2002, at which time they moved their operation to a facility in Monterrey, NL, Mexico. With a brand new, state-of–the-art factory completed in 2009, Amloid has been progressively branching out into other toy categories, fully committed to meeting all product standards in the process. Ride-ons, Playsets, and Junior Sports have become staples of Amloid; and most recently, the Preschool Construction category is experiencing exciting innovation and growth as they focus on establishing a global brand presence with the introduction of Kids@Work!

Amloid continued to take the market place by storm with the introduction of Crayola Building Blocks®! Amloid and Kids@Work have found a new way to introduce additional learn-n-play patterns to the preschool construction aisle while also incorporating the brilliant colors of the number one mom-trusted brand: Crayola!  With this new venture, Amloid and Kids@Work are able to do what they do best – bring innovation, differentiation, and exceptional value to the preschool construction aisle while simultaneously featuring the creativity and magic of Crayola. 

The Amloid and Kids@Work Mission
Value remains the competitive advantage of Amloid and Kids@Work; unparalleled reliability has become their industry-wide reputation. As a result, Amloid has for decades enjoyed successful business relationships with top USA and Latin American retailers; continuing to be the major supplier to global distribution regions (USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America Caribbean Australia and South Africa).  Financial success resulting from these relationships has fueled the determination to aggressively invest capital in new product development, while blending low-cost manufacturing with proximity to the world's largest consumer markets.

Always insisting on premium quality, Amloid and Kids@Work continue to push the limits of toy innovation and product development.  Clear evidence of this relentless effort to create cutting edge products can be seen in the debut of several new products, including entire lines like, Crayola Building Blocks®, Autoshellz, and Nextwave Dive Toys.  Already popular, these new items are demonstrating to parents everywhere that when they purchase an Amloid product, they can rest assured they've made a wise purchase.  After all, they're not just buying a toy, they're acquiring a "memory maker," a classic toy destined to become a favorite as it creates lasting memories of childhood fun.