An advanced treatment program for cocaine addiction gives positive results in 80 percent of patients

Jun 08, 2016, 09:05 ET from TAVAD

MADRID, June 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The majority of patients who have undergone TAVAD treatment for cocaine addiction in the past year are male, single, with an average age of 38, and have been dealing with a history of cocaine abuse for up to 6 years. In 80% of cases treated during 2015, patients completed the full programme having made good progress.  

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The Spanish TAVAD advanced detoxification center continues to achieve extremely high retention rates. Of the total number of patients treated for cocaine addiction, 100% completed the detoxification process without leaving, and 80% managed to maintain a good level of progress after one year of being discharged.

The advanced treatment for cocaine addiction applied by TAVAD makes it possible to restore neural alterations caused by consumption of the drug. Thanks to its advanced pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment, with an initial stage of a 48-hour stay at the TAVAD Hospitalisation Unit, significant changes are achieved with regards to the patient's personality as well as work and family spheres.

After entering the hospital, each patient receives the medical, psychological and pharmacological follow-up and support he or she needs for one year, specifically tailored to the needs of the patient.

According to Dr. Legarda, TAVAD Director since 1988, "The treatment that we apply during the first 48 hours avoids suffering by the patient and keeps them from experiencing physical pain or the symptoms of abstinence syndrome. This is how we are able to restore the body's functions and neural structures quickly and effectively. Furthermore, when applying a range of clinical tests such as the SCL-90-R, we see major positive changes in areas such as depression, anxiety, hostility, as well as in symptoms overall."

TAVAD has over 25 years of experience in addiction treatment, and is always at the cutting edge of the latest clinical practices through studies and regular reviews of the most relevant scientific publications and research.

The incorporation of specific nutrition, personal training and mindfulness programmes tailored to each patient are just some of the novel approaches which are a part of these advanced addiction treatments, the only treatments of their kind in Spain.

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