An Intelligent Solution to Decline in Bee Populations

Apr 09, 2013, 14:20 ET from Turfland Farms Ltd

THETFORD, England, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Where have all the bees gone? This is a question that is troubling a lot of scientists, horticulturalists and members of the public and there's an awful lot of controversy behind the idea that insecticides may be driving the decline in the population of bees in the UK and beyond. This is a worry for ecologists and gardeners but it has wider implications too and the team at MeadowMat are keen to help encourage a resurgence in bee numbers.

MeadowMat has recently been awarded the RHS Perfect for Pollinators logo in recognition of its efforts in supporting and sustaining more biodiverse ecosystems.

Bees are absolutely vital to ecosystems. Their chief role in a given environment is pollination. One of the reasons bees have been domesticated is to provide food in the form of honey, something which plays in important part in the economic weight of certain regions and nations. We also rely on bees to pollinate a third of our food sources and 80 per cent of agricultural crops. This article in the Guardian provides more background into value of bees in modern society.

OF course, bees also support habitats through pollination and they form an essential link in the chain of events that allows ecosystems to thrive, driving variation in plants that in turn support other forms of wildlife. In short, a decline in the number of bees in the UK is bad news for the country as a whole.

It is suspected that insecticides and pesticides are to blame and conservationists are keen to see people's attitudes to these iconic insects change. The team at are giving gardeners and groundskeepers an opportunity to be more proactive about supporting bees by providing innovative solutions that bring wildflower meadows to green spaces.

MeadowMat grow rolls of wildflower garden that can be laid simply and quickly, attracting all sorts of wildlife from frogs and moths to birds and small mammals. Crucially, these mats attract and sustain bees. That's why the company has been awarded the RHS Perfect for Pollinators logo.

SOURCE Turfland Farms Ltd