Analysis: How to Use Transmedia Brand Stories in B2B Marketing

Jul 25, 2013, 09:00 ET from

NEW YORK, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When there are TVs, computers, smart phones, tablets, outdoor billboards, and so many screens that constantly appear in front of consumers, can a brand prevail with only a creative ad?

Transmedia, along with the brand storytelling approach, has been in discussions and trends since 2005. Here, Soobest advises how you can use transmedia brand stories in B2B marketing.

Through a series of different media stories, they will guide customers to better understand products or services in the context of the story. This changes the existing business mode in which advertising conveys information in a unidirectional way.

To make transmedia storytelling more conducive to marketers, Annenberg Innovation Lab of the University of Southern California has organized a brainstorming meeting. Then what makes sense in B2B marketing?

1. Based on real interaction
Hill Holiday, the advertising agency, has proposed that brand personality, or the links between products and consumers, are not necessary in B2B marketing because the partnerships between two companies are based on the market managers of these two companies. Therefore, it's great to blend the transmedia marketing approach into their communication.

2. Let the story also appears in the marketers' lives
Find out the professional channels of these marketers and blend the brand story into these channels, including news exposes, a brand's digital content marketing, professional publications, social media and others.

3. Target those who do well in corporate brand strategy
It's important to find a person who is influential in B2B marketing. This person knows how to build the company's brand story, and how to present his own brand story to other. Usually, this person also knows about the brand story of other companies. It will be more effective to communicate with these core figures with limited resources.

4. Surpass the service and the product itself
Your brand story must break away from the company's services and products if you want to present your brand story to another enterprise. A successful story is bound to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees and inspire the production of better products.

5. Emphasize on internal and external continuing cooperation
There are some existing models and communication methods for B2B marketing. But brand storytelling can stimulate internal links between different departments. Many departments like human resources, customer service, business departments, investors, and government relations departments that have little interaction will enhance their contact with one another through the brand story. Strengthening internal relationships to drive an external brand story will help both internal and external communication.