Analysis of the Colombian and Peruvian Contact Center Outsourcing Services Markets

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Analysis of the Colombian and Peruvian Contact Center Outsourcing Services Markets

The Colombian and Peruvian contact center markets witnessed strong development in 2012. Despite growth slightly decelerating from 2011, positive investment atmosphere surrounding the Colombian and Peruvian market when looking to the future persists. The key driver for this increase is the expected organic growth of major companies within the industry in both countries, plus new global contributors that landed in the Andean region in the pursuit of a regional hub. The market is expected to change its overall dependency on offshore Spanish contract incomes, as the European economic crisis will move the focus to near-shore and United States markets.

Executive Summary—Colombia Market
•Market income for 2012 was X percent higher than 2011, reaching X million. This growth was driven by the domestic market, which witnessed a growth rate of X percent compared to the previous year.
•The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the contact center outsourcing services market in Colombia is likely to be X percent from 2012 to 2019. In terms of revenue, total industry income is expected to be more than double over the examined period, reaching a total $Xmillion in 2019.
•As far as number of workstations, growth will be X percent with the total number of positions evolving toX in 2019. This represents an expected growth ofXpercent from the base year figure.
•Domestic market is still key revenue source from most of the Colombian providers, representing a Xpercent of the Contact Center market.
•Nonetheless, external market revenue has developed considerably, where its participation reached a X percent in 2011. Despite a hindrance in 2012, It is expected for this trend to recover in 2013, as offshore revenue will slowly grow to a total market penetration of about X percent in 2019.
•As far as revenue, the offshore market is expected to grow at a CAGR of X percent over eight years. Domestic revenue will grow at a lower average rate of X percent CAGR; however, it will still representX percent of the overall market.
•Regarding offshore activity, as previous years, most services are still provided to Spain. However, participation from the Latin American region will reach a X percent at the end of the forecasted period displaying a X percent CAGR.
•The telecom vertical was once again the most significant segment for the outsourcing industry in Colombia, generating X percent of total market revenue in 2012. Compared to previous year, this is an increase of X percent.
•As per the contact channel, X percent of all the transactions in Colombia were conducted through voice in 2012, slightly decreasing from a X in 2011. This shows that the market continues relying on traditional interactions instead of most recent channels as chat or social network.
•In 2012, customer care support declined to a Xpercent (it was X percent in 2011), and sales interactions stabilized with X percent increase compared to previous year. Yet, Tech support amplified its participation considerably X percent against 2010, likewise for the next six years, debt collections calls are expected to increase, as a consequence of potential payment issues climb of regular customers from Spain or Europe.

Executive Summary—Peru Market
•As for the last three years, the Peruvian outsourcing services market has been a prosperous scenario to invest in, when looking to the future. The market is seeking to diversifying its Spain-oriented strategy into a Latin American one.
•Growth rates were of Xpercent in revenue for 2012, and X percent in positions. Capacity increase is related with the expansion of existing companies, plus the landing of new significant global members such as Aegis.
•Presenting a CAGR of X and Xpercent for revenue and workstations, respectively, Peru continues showing a solid development in the region.
•As per the domestic and external incomes relation, Peru still presents a considerable domestic revenue proportion, with Xof the market share in 2012. However, there are projections to develop the offshore market to reach Xpercent in 2019.
•The tendency described above will be accomplished with a X percent CAGR of the offshore market within the forecast period. The domestic share will still increase considerable at a Xpercent CAGR.
•United States and Latin American businesses will lead the external growth with respective CAGRs of X percent and X percent. However, the lack of educated trained English to sustain this growth is an ongoing concern.
•Telecom companies continues being the primary industry vector that the contact center outsourcing serves, representing X percent of the total market and an increase from the X percent in 2011.
•Revenue stream from Service call types have been stable from the previous year. In 2012, there was a Xshare in customer care, X percent in technical support,X in debt collections, and Xpercent in sales. No call type experienced a variation higher than Xfrom year to year.
•As per the activity type, back-office interactions are projected to grow higher than inbound and outbound ones. The CAGR breaks down as X percent inbound, X percent outbound, and Xpercent back office at the end of the forecasted period. The tendency tracks a development in enhanced business processes as financial tracking follow up, or software technical support.


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