Analysis of the Video Telemedicine Market

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Analysis of the Video Telemedicine Market

Video telemedicine is a core market in the telehealth industry with many established revenue models and emerging applications. However, the value that video can provide to remote healthcare often is misunderstood. This study outlines existing revenue streams for videoconferencing in telehealth and telemedicine, presents complex competitive ecosystems, and forecasts the future of the market. In-depth analysis of videoconferencing endpoints, which continue to drive growth, also is included. Other revenue-producing segments in the forecast include: carts, telemedicine-specific software, infrastructure services, and video telemedicine services. The base year is 2011, and a forecast is provided through 2016.

Executive Summary

•Video telemedicine remains a core pillar of the telehealth industry with some of the most established business models in telehealth and many emerging opportunities.

•The revenue for video telemedicine endpoints continues to grow and is the primary indicator of growth in the overall video telemedicine market.

•Endpoint unit growth impacts various other resulting revenue channels, such as carts.

•High-tier endpoints, such as room and telepresence solutions, are established segments and comprise a majority of the endpoint market in revenue but are maturing.

•Over the forecast period, prices will continue to decline for high-tier endpoints along with maturing unit growth when compared to other endpoint types.

•High growth is expected for low-tier endpoints, such as software desktop solutions, due to stable price points and significant unit growth in new applications of video.

•The market is seeing an increase in the focus of integrating video into existing systems (ICUs, remote monitoring, and so on) to improve usability or effectiveness.

•There will be a decrease of market focus on high-end, customized solutions.

•The last major evolution in healthcare was heavily driven by the simple fact that significant road systems were put into place in the early 1900s.

•We see ourselves in a second evolution in healthcare, and again, it is all about new roads. However, this time around, the roads are digital.

•Now, preventative (rather than reactive) healthcare issues, such as obesity, are some of the most prevalent issues we face.

•Fortunately, new digital roads are allowing healthcare providers and patients to connect in new and exciting ways, thus making significant strides in addressing the current preventative healthcare crisis.

•This evolution in healthcare is what we call telehealth. It is changing the way we do healthcare, and video telehealth is at its heart.

Executive Summary

Market Overview

Total Video Telemedicine Market

•External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints

•Video Telemedicine and Telehealth: A Telehealth Matrix Discussion

•Forecasts and Trends

•Demand Analysis

Video Telemedicine Endpoints Segment Breakdown

The Last Word (Conclusions and Implications)


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