Analysts Warn: Mayan Palace Scam Rumors Aren't worth Putting Too Much Stock In

Feb 13, 2014, 11:48 ET from

Travelers planning their vacation around the information found in recent scam reports targeting Mayan Palace should be aware that industry professionals aren't putting much faith in the rumors.

CANCUN, Mexico, Feb. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - It is not uncommon for allegations against popular resorts to appear before the busiest seasons of the year, as even the tiniest rumor can cause thousands of families to change their vacation plans. The Mayan Palace scam accusations are the latest in a string of reports to pop up that target a particular hotel, and in this case Mayan Palace is the victim. Industry analysts know to take these rumors with a grain of salt until they can be proven factual, but by the time the hotel can prove the allegations as false the damage is usually done and the gossip shifted to another resort.

Families in the planning stages of their upcoming summer vacations should listen to the warnings of the analysts and not believe any posts they read about a Mayan Palace scam. The best possible thing to do for people planning a trip to one of the company's resorts is to investigate the reviews posted by former guests on the Internet's leading travel sites. By pouring into the open history of a resort any potential guest can see how past visitors have rated every hotel in the world, with a history spanning long before the rumors emerged.

By looking through Mayan Palace reviews it becomes clear that its clientele have enjoyed the hotel since it opened its doors to the public, with no complaints of any fraud and nobody mentioning being scammed out of money. With planning for the busy summer season beginning, travel experts warn everybody not to rush to judgment when choosing a place to stay but to read every account carefully and make an informed decision. It is up to the consumer to be cautious, but rumors prey on the wary and try to cause people to make an uninformed decision.