Anchor Bay and SpectraCal Collaborate to Reduce Cost and Complexity of Color Management in Home Theater Displays

- Companies have formed a strategic partnership to market DVDO video processor and SpectraCal video calibration software

- New CalMAN 4.0 software directly controls DVDO iScan Duo's Color Management System

- Joint promotion provides software at no extra cost to purchasers of the iScan Duo in the month of June

Jun 01, 2010, 15:02 ET from Anchor Bay Technologies

CAMPBELL, Calif., June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Anchor Bay, the industry leader in video processing systems and semiconductors, and SpectraCal, LLC, premier supplier of video calibration software, announced a strategic partnership today with the release of SpectraCal's latest software, CalMAN Version 4.0. At the heart of the collaboration are Anchor Bay's game-changing video processor, the DVDO iScan Duo, and SpectraCal's CalMAN Version 4.0 software. The software can be used to directly control the iScan Duo's functions, including its color management system (CMS).

"The DVDO iScan Duo's color management system is more powerful and carries a lower price point than this industry has ever seen," explains SpectraCal's CEO Derek Smith. "We are extremely excited about joining resources to efficiently bring this level of performance to more home theaters."

"The CalMAN v4 software controls the iScan Duo's CMS hardware directly, making accurate calibration easier not only for integrators but also for a wide range of DIY home theater enthusiasts," says Douglas Fealtman, Anchor Bay's CEO.  

Previously, calibrating a home theater display with a video processor was a complicated process involving multiple on-screen menus and use of a remote control. In CalMAN v4, the calibration process becomes as easy as adjusting the relative height of bars on a chart by using a mouse.

"CalMAN v4 breaks entirely new ground in ease of use," says Fealtman. "We're very pleased to partner with SpectraCal to feature the iScan Duo as the launch vehicle for this impressive new software."  

To celebrate the release of both products and underscore their power when used in tandem, Anchor Bay and SpectraCal are offering a remarkable bundle for a limited time: Every purchaser of a DVDO iScan Duo in the month of June will receive the software and a free CalMAN Enthusiast license (The CalMAN Enthusiast license by itself sells for $500).  

The introductory special CalMAN / iScan Duo bundle can be purchased from either Anchor Bay or SpectraCal: visit or

SpectraCal is also taking CalMAN and the iScan Duo on a 25-city tour. Nicknamed the "Major League Baseball Tour," because the chosen cities are all hosts to Major League Baseball teams, the tour's mission is to educate both professional video calibrators and home theater enthusiasts on proper video calibration techniques. Separate classes for each group will be conducted by certified instructors, where attendees will learn how effective the CalMAN and iScan Duo combination can be in improving video quality and color accuracy.  

See for a map of cities and dates.

About DVDO and Anchor Bay

The DVDO® award-winning line of video-processing system products for end users is developed and manufactured by Anchor Bay.

Anchor Bay designs and manufactures advanced digital semiconductor and system-level solutions for next-generation digital television and high-definition digital video products. The company's proprietary Video Reference Series™ (VRS™) technologies allow Anchor Bay to offer a wide range of advanced video processing solutions that greatly improve image quality on large-screen HDTV home theater systems and other video displays. The company's Precision Video Scaling™, Precision Deinterlacing™, Progressive Reprocessing™ (PReP®), Mosquito Noise Reduction, Detail and Edge enhancement, RightRate™, AutoCUE-C™, and Precision AV LipSync™ technologies are used in both Anchor Bay's semiconductor products and in its award-winning DVDO® line of video-processing systems. The company is dedicated to providing leading-edge video technologies that will enable current and next-generation ICs and systems to deliver reference-quality images across a wide range of displays and sources. Privately held, Anchor Bay maintains its headquarters in Campbell, California.

About SpectraCal

SpectraCal provides everything needed for calibrating video displays:  the award-winning software CalMAN, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program.  CalMAN Professional is the color calibration software used by nearly all professional video calibrators. CalMAN Home allows home theater enthusiasts to take control of their own systems.

SOURCE Anchor Bay Technologies