ANCILE Reports Milestone Momentum and Forecasts 2014 Enterprise Learning Trends

Personalized Learning, Adaptive Collaboration, and Microlearning are Among the Top Trends by Learning and Performance Technology Leaders

Feb 25, 2014, 09:00 ET from ANCILE Solutions, Inc.

ELKRIDGE, Md., Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Personalized learning, microlearning, adaptive collaboration and next generation compliance are among the top enterprise learning trends forecasted by ANCILE Solutions, Inc. for 2014. ANCILE, the global leader of learning and performance enablement software solutions chosen by global companies and over half of the Fortune 100, expects executives to be highly focused on further improving departmental and enterprise productivity and maximizing workforce return in 2014.

ANCILE Solutions services more than 19 million users across 88 countries worldwide. In 2013, the company added more than 250 new customers, including industry leaders IHS, Bloom Healthcare Corporation, and Continental Structural Plastics in addition to experiencing a 98 percent customer maintenance renewal rate. ANCILE recognized growth in their flagship ANCILE uPerform™ product from both direct and partner channels which include SAP AG, BMC Software, Inc., and HP. Additionally, the company extended its solution portfolio to include ANCILE uAlign™ which enables validated action-oriented communications, further enhancing its commitment to employee engagement and workforce productivity.

"ANCILE has more than 20 years of exposure and experience helping companies stay in front of two ongoing management challenges – keeping people ahead of the pack with real time knowledge and providing companies with technology that makes their employees more productive," said Frank Lonergan, Chief Executive Officer of ANCILE. "Industry leaders are consciously looking for ways to easily arm and empower employees with the most relevant and useful content. They also need for their operations, closed loop communications to ensure validation and comprehension of important action-oriented messages. This is what we do for our customers – help them tap into, unlock, share and measure knowledge and expertise to endure stellar performance and compliance."

Working closely with its customer base spanning more than 15 industries, ANCILE forecasts the following as the top 2014 learning trends:

  • Personalized Learning: The need for learning to be personalized, relevant, and contextual to the learner is not new. The ability for the learner to demand it and the organization to satisfy the demand is what businesses should be planning for. Success of the business is found at the 'front line.' Employee engagement, alignment, and enablement have been proven to be the measures of a successful operation but the key is focusing on the individual and enabling them to learn on-demand and support their own performance. Analytics plays a key part in this emerging trend, allowing for targeted investments and calls to action for the workforce.
  • Adaptive Collaboration: With 50 percent of the global workforce expected to be millennials by 2020, this generation will bring a more innovative use and understanding of social media and mobility as well as an overhaul to learning approaches in the work environment. They are demonstrating adaptable collaboration, relying more on informal knowledge sharing than other generations. As a result, the adoption of innovative technologies such as social media, BYOD, and other non-traditional learning approaches will continue to improve knowledge sharing, access, and retention.
  • Microlearning: The traditional learning paradigm is beginning to shift as employees now more than ever require information at their fingertips. Volumes of dense, static learning content are obsolete with the constant change in the workplace and the marketplace. The information must be on demand, contextual, and relevant. The cloud has become the place to find and subscribe to those learning 'chunks', relieving the technology burden of the organization and the learner.
  • Next Generation Compliance: Finally, organizations are getting to the real need for learning in the workplace – compliance. Despite the great diversity, the risks share a common thread – the need to eradicate the lack of quality management and company-wide transparency into requirements. Proactively eliminating governance, risk, and compliance silos through streamlined internal business processes will improve the bottom line and build the vulnerabilities in the organization.

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