ANCILE uAlign™ Mobilizes Communications to Achieve Organizational Goals

ANCILE's First Cloud Offering Provides Right Message to Right People at Right Time

Jan 08, 2013, 09:00 ET from ANCILE Solutions, Inc.

ELKRIDGE, Md., Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ANCILE Solutions, Inc., a global provider of best-in-class learning and performance software solutions to more than half of the Fortune 100, today announced the release and availability of its latest product, ANCILE uAlign™. ANCILE's first cloud solution, ANCILE uAlign™ is a mobile corporate communications application designed to help organizations keep employees informed, up to date, and equipped to meet organizational goals.

Organizations currently rely on email, blogs, and social media to communicate with employees and partners. However, these tools typically sort information by the least important measure: the date it was sent. With such tools, organizations are unable to confirm that a message was read and comprehended, leaving employees with multiple information streams that compete for their attention.

ANCILE uAlign™ overcomes these weaknesses by simplifying and mobilizing communications, and summarizing status and progress across the workforce. With ANCILE uAlign™, stakeholders and business leaders can easily create a new message, link to existing content, and send a prioritized message to individuals. Real-time information delivery ensures messages are relevant and timely. Consistent messaging campaigns and self-assessments ensure acceptance and retention. After the prioritized message is sent, ANCILE uAlign™ provides dashboard reporting to monitor message receipt and assessment results.

"Organizations today are challenged to keep their employees informed in rapidly changing environments. Employees face too much information, with little guidance on priority," said Frank Lonergan, Chief Executive Officer of ANCILE. "We developed ANCILE uAlign™ to help organizations deliver communications and verify comprehension through self-assessment. With this new solution, companies can combat information overload and improve retention."

With ANCILE uAlign™, organizations and employees can:

  • Create and consume messages with text, links, audio, video, images, attachments, read receipts, and knowledge checks
  • Automatically prioritize messages to employees based on due date
  • Create channels to broadcast messages to specific organizational groups or teams such as sales, new employees, finance, or plant locations
  • Create campaigns to automatically deliver a series of messages in a specific order with predetermined start and due dates,  allowing employees to work at their own pace
  • Analyze responses for receipt, comprehension, and response time
  • Generate reports by employee, message, channel, or campaign

ANCILE will be showcasing ANCILE uAlign™ at three conferences in January: Learning Technologies 2013 in the United Kingdom, LEARNTEC 2013 in Germany, and ASTD TechKnowledge 2013 in the United States. For more information about ANCILE's participation in these events, visit

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