ANGA Statement on the National Petroleum Council Report

Sep 15, 2011, 12:00 ET from America's Natural Gas Alliance

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- ANGA President and CEO Regina Hopper issued the following statement on the release of the landmark National Petroleum Council report "Prudent Development: Realizing the Potential of North America's Abundant Natural Gas and Oil Resources."

"The National Petroleum Council makes a compelling case about the pronounced role that natural gas can and should play in our country's energy future. The benefits natural gas brings in terms of improved air quality, economic growth and jobs creation, and energy security are unmistakable takeaways from this report.

"This new era of abundant and affordable natural gas supplies has helped revive U.S. industries that were beginning to shift their operations overseas. With continued expanded use, natural gas can have tremendous positive effects on the economic vitality of our nation.

"Of equal significance is the attention paid in the report to safe and responsible operating practices and good-faith engagement with people in communities where we operate.  The report's proposal that industry establish regional councils of excellence underscores the importance of in-depth understanding of the unique geology and surface conditions of different parts of the country.

"Our members are fully committed to supporting appropriate state-led oversight of our operations, and to participating in the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission and Ground Water Protection Council's registry for the public sharing of the components of hydraulic fracturing fluids.

"We also agree with the report's recommendation to increase the scope and funding for STRONGER Inc., which is comprised of environmental, state and industry stakeholders who share innovative techniques with state regulators to ensure the protection of our nation's precious natural resources.

"As our national leaders consider the critical issues of U.S. energy security, environmental protection and economic growth, we hope that they will look to the expansive work and thoughtful recommendations included in this report. It points to a prudent and balanced path forward for our nation through greater use of clean, abundant and domestic natural gas."

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