Anker Survey Shows Fear of Battery Death Moves Smartphone Users to Action

PowerIQ-enabled accessories calm consumers' power woes

Oct 09, 2014, 13:30 ET from Anker

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Smartphone battery life is an urgent problem for U.S. consumers, according to a new survey from Anker, the leader in mobile power. The survey, conducted by Foxtrot Research, reveals the prevalence of low battery life and the extremes consumers will go to so their phones stay powered throughout the day.

Low battery life is an undeniable stress point for U.S. consumers, with 44 percent of respondents noting they are regularly bothered by it. And for good reason: 47 percent report their smartphone battery dies at least weekly and nearly one-third (31 percent) experience a dead battery daily.

Most consumers live on the edge, with 56 percent reporting they don't charge until battery power is at 20 percent or less. To conserve power for later, 40 percent of people will shut down their smartphones, and 24 percent will close apps. When their phone does die, consumers wait an average of only nine minutes before plugging it in to charge.

This desperation for power is leading to bad behaviors like using someone else's charger without asking (12 percent of respondents admit to doing it). And even more extreme, 16 percent have witnessed or participated in a "confrontation or fight" for an outlet.

Travel — consumers on high alert for battery life

More than half (55 percent) of U.S. consumers have worried about their phone battery dying while traveling, with one-third concerned on most of their trips. In fact, power even trumps personal hygiene: two-thirds of respondents would rather forget their toothbrush than their phone charger.

The survey also found:

  • The average U.S. consumer owns four mobile device chargers.
  • Each week, 41 percent of people in the U.S. charge their smartphones in three or more locations.

Anker solves power problems with the fastest charge possible

Consumers can save their energy for other struggles with PowerIQ technology from Anker. Because most chargers are hard-wired for a specific type of smartphone, they power non-compatible phones more slowly. However, Anker mobile power accessories with PowerIQ intelligently detect which device is plugged in and deliver the fastest possible charge.

Anker Astro Series external batteries are the perfect solution for smartphone users who need to stay charged on the go. Depending on their size, these portable power packs can fully charge a device up to 10 times. Consumers who do need an outlet can make friends by offering to share their Anker multi-port chargers, which turn a single outlet into a charging station for up to five devices.

For more information about an easier, smarter life with Anker power accessories, please visit

About the survey

From Sept. 19–22, 2014, Anker, with Foxtrot Research, asked questions through Google Consumer Surveys. More than 1,000 U.S. Internet users answered each question as they browsed the Internet. Based on demographic data collected or inferred by Google, responses were weighted to reflect the population of U.S. adults using the Internet. View full results here.

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