Annette D. Colbert-Latham to Attend DISCOP Africa 4 in Nairobi, Kenya

Jun 25, 2010, 12:00 ET from Visage Production, Inc.

OKLAHOMA CITY, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- With 20 finished films Oklahoma filmmaker, Annette D. Colbert-Latham, CEO of Visage Production, Inc. will attend DISCOP Africa 4 in Nairobi, Kenya.  DISCOP Africa markets to over 400 TV Channels, 50 pay-TV platforms, 300 million mobile and 70 Internet Users, serving a population of 700 million people.  This event is where buyers of content purchase for their respective countries.  

Copyright licensing fees for films per country and per medium starts at $150,000 and up.  This is why these events are so significant.  "With over 47 countries present, the value of the product multiplies per each medium, such as DVD sales, pay-per-view, cable networks, and so forth," states Tatjana Pavlovic Head of Sales and Marketing – DISCOP Africa 4, Paris, France.  "Each country spends millions for films as each copyright for one film hold 33 different licensing agreements.  An example would be they may buy it for cable and pay-per-view so that is two different licensing agreements with two separate fees."

One of the films, "New Black Gold: The Story of Oklahoma City Eastside" is set for viewing at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in Beverly Hills, CA and for New York Independent Film and Video Festival in New York City, NY.  

Traveling with her husband, Melvin Latham, the husband and wife production company is considering DISCOP East as well as the Shanghai Film Festival held in Shanghai, China.  "Selling to international buyers is much more dynamic," states Annette Colbert-Latham.  "These buyers are really receptive to content from America," adds Melvin Latham, CFO of Visage Production.  

With access to buyers from FOX International, MGM, Screen Africa, and all over Canada, the success is very promising as well as lucrative.  Russell Cook is the Director of Photography and Darren Hill is the Editor on all of the projects, too.  "I have film projects available for pre-sales," Annette shares. "More important, I'm thankful to have a team of talented people that bring freshness to every project."

SOURCE Visage Production, Inc.