Annie Sloan Interiors enforces Chalk Paint trademark, citing unfair competition and consumer confusion

Jun 24, 2013, 15:25 ET from Annie Sloan Interiors

NEW ORLEANS, June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Earlier this week, after amicable efforts failed, Annie Sloan Interiors (, alongside its North American distributor, Annie Sloan Unfolded (, was forced to take trademark enforcement action against a number of companies whose products infringe the CHALK PAINT trademark.  Among other enforcement measures, attorneys representing Annie Sloan Interiors and Annie Sloan Unfolded contacted Facebook to report multiple instances of trademark violations in connection with certain companies' pages.  After reviewing these pages, as well as Annie Sloan Interiors' federal registrations for the CHALK PAINT trademark, Facebook notified the attorneys involved that the infringing activity on these pages violated Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and subsequently made the decision to remove them.

Annie Sloan, one of the world's leading decorative paint experts, says, "It's unfortunate that these companies ignored our earlier communications.  It's certainly nothing against them, but we have to protect our rights.  There is plenty of room in the market for many types and styles of decorative paint; I've enjoyed making and using different paints for many years – but there is only one CHALK PAINT® and I want consumers to continue to understand that fact."

Annie Sloan Unfolded CEO, Lisa Rickert, agrees: "The companies involved are all relative newcomers to the market. They were all formed within the last 18 months.  We've asked these businesses to stop using the CHALK PAINT mark on multiple occasions.  Each time they've ignored us or refused.  A few have taken to trying to cancel the CHALK PAINT trademark registrations which, of course, is their right to do.  But they're losing on legal grounds there, so they've now resorted to personal attacks and unfounded allegations against Annie Sloan and the CHALK PAINT brand."

Lisa Rickert adds, "If certain companies want to come after us for simply enforcing our rights, that's their decision to make.  But to attack the hundreds of small businesses that retail CHALK PAINT® and the legions of CHALK PAINT® users is unacceptable and that's why we're releasing this statement to set the record straight.  Annie Sloan's core values and our entire distribution framework are designed to support small business, and that's what we'll continue to do."

CHALK PAINT® is unique decorative paint developed in 1990 by Annie Sloan for furniture, floors, and walls.  After a number of years searching for an appropriate brand name, Annie Sloan adopted the CHALK PAINT mark in 2004 because it was suggestive of the paint's very matte—almost chalky—finish.

As the author of 23 books on paint and painting techniques, Annie Sloan explains, "Although whiting, calcium carbonate, calcite, chalk, lime and other similar substances have been used to make paint for hundreds of years, there has never been another paint called CHALK PAINT before.  Besides, the CHALK PAINT brand name has nothing to do with my ingredients.  It's all about the finish.  CHALK PAINT® is the unique decorative paint I developed, drawing on a lifetime of research and experience in working with paint and color."

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