Announcing a Groundbreaking Feature Film MY NAME IS MYEISHA

Feb 09, 2016, 08:50 ET from Hindsight Collab

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspired by a nation's headlines, MY NAME IS MYEISHA is the story of an all-too-common American tragedy told through uncommon cinematic language, with the profound intimacy experienced in sudden loss. In this instance, the loss of a young black woman named Myeisha Jackson.

"MY NAME IS MYEISHA takes you on an extraordinary journey," says filmmaker Gus Krieger. "A nonlinear trip through Myeisha's mind powered by her love of beatboxing and hip-hop dance. On this journey, harsh realities crash against the metaphysical as we witness Myeisha's innermost self, her life. This material blew me away from moment one, and I couldn't be more excited to be involved."

"This film is reflective of so many stories in our communities, stories of black lives cut short, black lives unfulfilled; stories that deserve to be told," says Rickerby Hinds, producer and writer of the stageplay DREAMSCAPE, upon which the film is based. "If history has taught anything, it has taught us that if we want our stories told with accuracy and compassion: it is up to us to tell them, to write them, to produce them, to support them. It is up to us."

MY NAME IS MYEISHA needs the support of a global community. Become a part of this history-making effort by pledging your support at:

The film is co-written, directed, and produced by Gus Krieger (THE KILLING ROOM, WOULD YOU RATHER, FENDER BENDER). Co-writer and producer is Rickerby Hinds. Producers are Michael Glassman ("The Sing-Off," PHAT GIRLZ) and Scott Hyman ((500) DAYS OF SUMMER, THE SECRET LIFE OF DORKS).

Hindsight Collab presents an Outlaw production of a Gus Krieger film.

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