Announcing: BENGHAZI 9.11, The Movie

A Documentary About the Benghazi Terrorist Attack & The Cover-Up that Followed

Featuring Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Experts from the Heritage Foundation, Media Research Center, Weekly Standard, and Daily Caller, and Former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold

Apr 01, 2013, 04:00 ET from SSC Strategies

TAMPA BAY, Fla., April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ambassador Chris Stephens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith volunteered to serve America in a dangerous place and were undoubtedly willing to accept the risks associated with their service.  However, they probably assumed the United States government would come to their aid if and when it was needed.  Sadly, when they came under attack on 9/11/12, a decision was made to leave them stranded.  The result:  four dead American patriots murdered by terrorists.

BENGHAZI 9.11 will take viewers on a journey to explore the issues surrounding this sad day in American history.  BENGHAZI 9.11 will summarize the information that has been slowly released over a period of months and examine whether a cover-up is taking place.  The film will also explore the impact this event has had on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the mainstream media.  It's certain that this movie will add fire to the fierce debate about Benghazi, serving as an alternative, factual analysis, about a topic that has mostly been ignored by the mainstream media.

BENGHAZI 9.11 is still in production.  Anticipated release is Fall 2013.  For more information about BENGHAZI 9.11, please visit or to view the movie trailer, join the mailing list, see sneak previews, and help support BENGHAZI 9.11.



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