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New App and Web Platform Forever Reinvents The Television Experience; It's Twitter Meets Foursquare Meets Television

Jun 02, 2010, 17:36 ET from PHILO

LOS ANGELES, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- PHILO ( is (re)inventing television by giving TV fans a new way to watch and comment on their favorite shows.  The app and Web platform, which launches today, combines television with the power of social media to create a realtime, multi-screen, and truly interactive user experience.

The PHILO iPhone app, which is free and is now available on Apple's App Store, lets users "check in" to and comment on television content and interact with friends and other viewers.

Whether it's a sporting event, a reality show, a prime time soap or the latest episode of a beloved sci-fi hit, PHILO turns every episode of every television series into an instantaneous group version of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" for the user and their friends.  The result is an even more engaging version of television as we know it.

Built into PHILO is a series of fun interactive games, as well as prizes that users can unlock as they meet up with friends and check in to more television shows.  

Since comments and check ins push out to Facebook and Twitter, PHILO serves as a content delivery tool for the user's social media connections – and as promotion for television networks and producers, driving tune-in and ratings.

And some huge production companies are already taking notice.  "Undercover Boss" producer Studio Lambert and Donald Trump Productions ("The Apprentice") have each signed deals with PHILO to power cross-promotional initiatives for their respective series.  More deals will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

The Chief Creative Officer for PHILO is reality czar Greg Goldman, former executive director of alternative series and specials for ABC ("The Bachelor," "Wife Swap") and the former executive vice president of development and executive producer for RDF USA ("Don't Forget the Lyrics," "Shaq's Big Challenge").

"For the first time in fifteen years, television ratings are up – and our research attributes those gains to the power of social media," PHILO CCO Greg Goldman said.  "PHILO combines everything that's great about watching TV among friends with everything we all love about social media.  PHILO is the most important thing to happen to television since the remote control."

You can find PHILO in the App Store here.  It's a free download and only seconds away.


PHILO makes television interactive by letting viewers "check in" to television shows, comment on shows, play interactive games, and share what they are watching with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.  

PHILO is (re)inventing television, and the platform is named in honor of the inventor of television itself, Philo T. Farnsworth.  Learn more at  

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