Announcing the Release of the eBook, "Confessions of a Fast-Food Worker (Pt. 1)"

A past fast-food employee has published a tell-all concerning the fast food industry. The eBook is now available.

Oct 14, 2013, 08:00 ET from Adair Murff Publications

NEW ALBANY, Ind., Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- George Dwight, a former fast-food employee, is the first to write and publish a tell-all about fast-food industry work conditions and how employees would cope. Recently, many fast-food workers have gone on strike across the nation, demanding better wages. The fairness in treatment of fast-food employees has been a hot topic for some time. Regarding the recent strikes, Dwight says, "Fast-food workers have been striking in one way or another for years. This wave is simply a different approach. Fast-food corporations want five-star work for one-star money." The new eBook, "Confessions of a Fast-Food Worker (Pt. 1)" is a tell-all about Dwight's five-year career with a fast-food restaurant he refers to as "Ronny's." It describes fast-food work conditions and confesses actions done by the author and his former coworkers.


In his new eBook, "Confessions of a Fast-Food Worker (Pt. 1)," Dwight reveals his and his coworkers' deeds while coping with low pay and poor treatment. If you ever wanted to know what may have been done to your food at a fast-food chain or what happens behind the scenes, this book will give you a picture. The eBook tells 18 non-fiction stories of how employees of the fast-food chain "Ronny's" got even with customers, other workers, and the restaurant corporation. Work conditions of a fast-food chain are illustrated in the book. Readers who have worked in the same conditions will be able to relate to the stories while others who have only visited fast-food restaurants will have a glimpse of the work conditions and what happens behind the counter.

Concerning fast-food employees' attitude about their work, Dwight says, "You get what you pay for. We were being paid as little as possible, so we did as little as possible." Dwight is working on Part 2 of "Confessions of a Fast-Food Worker" and will release it in the summer of 2014. He will not reveal what the second part contains. Reader discretion is advised.

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About George Dwight and Adair Murff Publications:

George Dwight worked in fast-food for five years and has written and self-published a non-fiction, short story collection called "Confessions of a Fast-Food Worker (Pt. 1)" through his own publishing entity, Adair Murff Publications. This newly written collection is now available as an eBook. It is a story that appeals to everyone, as most people have either worked in the industry or visited a fast-food chain. His second book, "Confessions of a Fast-Food Worker (Pt. 2)," is expected to be released in the summer of 2014.

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