Annual Corporate Responsibility Magazine survey reveals: Females far less likely to join a company with a bad reputation

Annual CR Magazine survey reveals that 85 percent of American females would not join a company with a bad reputation compared to only 65 percent of American males

Oct 16, 2015, 09:00 ET from COMMIT!Forum

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine, in conjunction with Cielo, today announced the findings of the publication's annual corporate reputation survey, that 86 percent of American females would not join a company with a bad reputation compared to only 67 percent of American males.

In advance of its annual COMMIT!Forum, on October 21-22, 2015 at TKP New York in New York City, CR Magazine commissioned a poll of over 1,000 employed and unemployed Americans to gain insights into how corporate responsibility, reputation and transparency can impact job decisions.

"The results of this year's survey again demonstrated the implications of a bad reputation. Talent is often unwilling to consider an employment offer, and when they do, it's for a premium over what companies with a good reputation can offer" said Elliot Clark, CEO of Corporate Responsibility Magazine, the host of the annual forum. "At the COMMIT!Forum, we call on business and sustainability leaders to share their insights on how to improve the role of business in society and how corporate responsibility and sustainability improve asset values."

"Individuals want to work for organizations with a positive reputation and ethical c-suite leadership," said Jill Schwieters, President of Cielo Healthcare. "The research demonstrates that a bad reputation could cost real money by increasing recruiting costs as organizations perceived as unethical struggle to successfully recruit women and millennials."

Working for Companies with Bad Corporate Reputations 
According to respondents, the bad behaviors most harmful to a company's culture and reputation include public exposure of criminal acts (33 percent); failure to recall defective products (30 percent); public disclosure of workplace discrimination (21 percent); and public disclosure of environmental scandal (15 percent).

Of the employed Americans surveyed, only 67 percent would take a job with a company that had a bad reputation if they were offered more money. In 2014, 70 percent of respondents were willing to take a job with a company with a bad reputation for more money. Of the 2015 respondents, 46 percent would need a pay increase of 50 percent or more to consider moving to a company with an unfavorable reputation.  

Surprisingly, young people (18-34 year age range) are the least concerned about corporate reputation. Over three-quarters (77%) would take a job with a company with a bad reputation vs. 61% of those 35 years and older.

Working for Companies with Good Corporate Reputations
In contrast, the vast majority, 92 percent, would consider leaving their current jobs if offered another role with a company that had an excellent corporate reputation. Forty five percent of 35-44 year olds would leave their current job for less than a ten percent pay increase to join an excellent company. In contrast, only twelve percent of the same group would leave their current job for less than a ten percent pay increase to join a company with a bad reputation.

Results from this year's corporate reputation survey will be presented by CR Magazine and Cielo on October 21st at this year's COMMIT!Forum.

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This report presents the findings of a telephone survey conducted among two national probability samples, which, when combined, consists of 1,012 adults, 512 men and 500 women, 18 years of age and older, living in the continental United States. Interviewing for this CARAVAN® Survey was completed on September 24-27, 2015; 512 interviews were conducted from the landline sample and 500 interviews from the cell phone sample.

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