Annual Guide to State Litigation Climates Shows New Jersey, New York, Florida and California Most Litigious

Jun 17, 2010, 10:46 ET from NACD Directorship

WASHINGTON, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- "How bad would it be if in 10 years every state had a corporate legal environment just like California's?" That's one question raised by the annual ranking of state litigation climates, produced by the Foundation for Fair Civil Justice, and the cover story in NACD Directorship's newly published June/July 2010 issue.

The exclusive NACD Directorship report, authored by FFCJ Chairman Steven B. Hantler, ranks the litigation climates of all 50 states and profiles some of the states with the most anti-business climates in the nation—California, Michigan and Illinois among them—and those states that represent more balanced pro growth environments, including Mississippi and Texas.

"A tough economy and corporate disengagement from the liability reform arena have contributed to a deteriorating U.S. civil justice system," said Steven B. Hantler, chairman of the Foundation for Fair Civil Justice.  "The numbers tell the story – in states where common sense reforms have taken hold and are supported by lawmakers and upheld by the courts, the economies do better and services improve.  In states like California and others, where reforms are never passed into law or are struck down in legal challenges, the economies shrink, jobs dry up, and businesses move elsewhere."

The annual ranking is based on the U.S. Tort Liability Index: 2010 Report recently released by the Pacific Research Institute with further analysis and commentary from the FFCJ.

The Ten Most Litigious States

New Jersey

New York









"This report from the Foundation for Fair Civil Justice regarding the state of tort litigation across America is particularly important to board directors. Business is being charged and litigated ruthlessly, often without merit," said Jeff Cunningham, chairman, CEO and editorial director of Directorship. "We would do well to heed the warnings that Steve Hantler and his team at the FFCJ that our future economic prospects may indeed be in jeopardy particularly in those states with the most litigious environments."

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