Another Silent Film to Come Out in 2011: "Silent Life" Moves up Release Date


LOS ANGELES, November 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

2011 seems to be the year celebrating Hollywood's Golden Era with AMPAS dedicating a whole summer to the screening program "Summer of Silents" and the French silent movie "The Artist" scheduled to hit US theaters this week. Silent format is a novel and bold choice for modern audiences, and this idea has also been lingering in Hollywood for a few years already.

Rudolph Valentino Productions announced that they are trying to meet a tight post-production deadline and move up the 2012 release date of their US made silent feature film "Silent Life" in order to begin their Academy qualifying run at the end of December 2011. A half color, half black and white film set in 1926 focuses on the life of the silent screen icon Rudolph Valentino, known as the Hollywood's first "Great Lover". The movie features performances by Isabella Rossellini and Galina Jovovich, mother of Milla Jovovich. Written and directed by first-timer Vlad Kozlov, this indie film is a modern and dark twist on classic silent cinema. The project started out as a black and white silent short film "DayDreams of Rudolph Valentino" in 2006 and expanded into a feature film over the years. The movie was filmed at prominent Hollywood historic locations, such as Million Dollar Theater, where Rudolph Valentino hosted the Los Angeles premiere of his last iconic movie "Son Of The Sheik" in 1926 and Hollywood Forever Cemetery, movie idol's final resting place, which also has acted as a co-production company.

According to "Silent Life" creator Vlad Kozlov, who had been successfully treated for a speech disorder so severe he could barely talk for almost 20 years, he originally chose the classic silent format to share his artistic vision of his own once silent world. "Silent Life" first preview trailer is now available online: