Anterios, Inc., Announces Results Of Consumer Survey Demonstrating Widespread Dissatisfaction About Wrinkles And Desire For New Topical Botulinum Treatment

Oct 16, 2013, 09:00 ET from Anterios, Inc.

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Anterios, Inc., a privately held aesthetic medicine and medical dermatology biopharmaceutical company, announced today survey results showcasing the current consumer sentiment regarding Crow's Feet wrinkles and a new topical botulinum treatment option that the Company is developing. The survey found that approximately 67% of woman ages 45 years and older identify themselves as having Crow's Feet wrinkles and approximately 40% of these women are bothered by these wrinkles. Of the women bothered by these wrinkles, approximately two-thirds indicate that they are likely to go to a physician's office to seek a new potential in-office treatment with a topical botulinum prescription lotion if it were to be available after FDA approval. The survey was conducted via the Internet, collecting a nationally randomized sample of 2,509 men and women respondents. The goal of the survey was to assess how Crow's Feet wrinkles impacted consumers as well as to understand the interest in and willingness to pay for treatment with ANT-1207, a patented topical botulinum toxin type A treatment that is in clinical development.

"By conducting this market research, we are now able to understand the consumer need and demand for ANT-1207. That, coupled with the recent FDA approval of an injectable botulinum toxin for Crow's Feet wrinkles, validates the high level of demand for treatment of these wrinkles," stated Jon Edelson, MD, CEO and Founder of Anterios. "The consumer survey responses indicate that the introduction of ANT-1207 could more than double the market size for the treatment of Crow's Feet wrinkles with botulinum-based pharmaceuticals, even taking into account a variety of possible price points for our product. Our data show that, with the introduction of ANT-1207, the potential size of the overall marketplace for the aesthetic side of botulinum-based pharmaceuticals is significantly larger than we first thought."

One hundred percent of the women who had been treated previously with an injectable botulinum for Crow's Feet wrinkles indicated that they would want to try ANT-1207. If treatment with ANT-1207 was successful for their Crow's Feet wrinkles and then made available for other wrinkle treatment areas, women respondents ages 45 and up bothered by their Crow's Feet wrinkles indicate they would seek additional treatments that would include – in rank order preference – the lines around their lips, the vertical and horizontal lines on their foreheads, and the lines on their necks and under their eyes.

Approximately 80% of the women respondents ages 45 and up thought that fixing their Crow's Feet wrinkles would make them look younger, half thought it would make them more attractive, and 20% indicated it would increase their confidence at work. In a separate survey Anterios conducted among dermatology patients, 82% of woman indicated that correcting their Crow's Feet when they were smiling was most important; 11% when they were not smiling; and 7% thought each was equally important. The primary goal of Anterios' Crow's Feet clinical trials is the correction of wrinkles when smiling; in study results to date, ANT-1207 has delivered corrections for Crow's Feet wrinkles both when smiling and when not.

"The clinical trials results to date for ANT-1207 have been encouraging," states Kenneth R. Beer, M.D., FAAD, clinical investigator and dermatologist in private practice, associate clinical professor at the University of Miami, consulting associate at Duke University, and clinical associate at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. "As an investigator in these trials, I have seen the keen interest that our patients have in getting a real correction to their Crow's Feet wrinkles that a botulinum treatment can deliver without the pain, bruising and bleeding that can be associated with a needle. This sentiment can be clearly seen at a larger scale through the survey results, which demonstrate the significant impact that ANT-1207 could potentially have for consumers, as well aesthetic dermatology."

Younger women are also concerned about Crow's Feet wrinkles. Approximately half of women between ages 30 and 45 indicated that they have Crow's Feet wrinkles, with about one-half this number indicating that they were bothered by these wrinkles.

About ANT-1207
ANT-1207, Botulinum Toxin Type A, Topical Lotion, is an investigational product being developed for the potential treatment of facial wrinkles, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and other FDA-approved clinical indications for injectable botulinum as well as new potential clinical indications such as acne. The Company believes that this treatment has the potential to greatly expand the market for botulinum as it would overcome the limitations of injection, which include pain, bleeding and bruising as well as the potential for needle misplacement.

ANT-1207 is a lotion that takes five to ten minutes to apply in the physician's office, where it is fully massaged into the skin. Unlike many botulinum-based products, ANT-1207 does not require reconstitution in the physician's office prior to use, making it convenient and time-saving for the physician and the physician's staff.  ANT-1207 incorporates a highly purified botulinum developed from Anterios' proprietary cell line of C. botulinum Type A.

About Anterios, Inc.
Anterios, Inc. ("Anterios") is a privately held clinical stage biopharmaceutical company which is developing next generation botulinum-based prescription products for aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Anterios has developed a proprietary platform technology that enables local, targeted delivery of botulinum toxin and other macromolecules across the skin without needles or other invasive treatments that can be destructive to the skin. In the future, Anterios plans to develop additional dermatology products to topically deliver other active ingredients, as well as products for delivery by other modalities. More information can be found at

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