"Anti-Aging Pill" Somatodyne Receives Great Reviews at Scientific Conference

Limitless Worldwide™ is proud to announce exclusive rights to Somatodyne™

Sep 22, 2012, 21:05 ET from Limitless Worldwide, LLC

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Some of the most cutting-edge obesity research in the world was included at the Obesity Society's prestigious 30th Annual Scientific Meeting, yet a presentation on a dietary supplement was one of the most well attended and buzzed about of the entire conference. Why did it create such a stir, even among this elite group? Because it revealed that after thirty years of research, an oral compound has finally been discovered that has the ability to raise human growth hormone serum (blood) levels by a mean 8-fold increase. And Limitless Worldwide, LLC, has secured the rights to distribute Somatodyne, the trademark for the proprietary formula.

"We're so excited that Limitless Worldwide was able to secure rights to Somatodyne," says Melyn Campbell, veteran network marketer and one of the Limitless founders. "The research behind Somatodyne is completely groundbreaking, and we're incredibly proud to be able to provide a product to our network that will allow them to experience the benefits of increased, natural growth hormone levels within a normal range, at a fraction of the cost of prescription HGH injections."

"And the timing is just right," adds Steve Campbell, Melyn's husband and fellow Limitless founder. "Human growth hormone has gone mainstream thanks to the serious media coverage it's been getting. It's been featured everywhere from Shape magazine and Vanity Fair to CNN, Fox News, The Today Show... even Dr. Oz himself did a show a on its benefits."

An "Anti-Aging" Pill

Human growth hormone therapy has become big business thanks to its touted ability to help you lose body fat and gain muscle — even if you aren't exercising — have a stronger sex drive, feel more energetic, and have smoother, less wrinkled skin so you look and feel like you did in your prime. Athletes have been using it for years, more and more women have begun using HGH to help them fight the look of aging, and it's the hush hush "it" treatment for big-name celebrities around the world.

But the problem has always been that only celebs and the uber rich have been able to afford it, because costs for prescription HGH injections can run in the thousands per month. But now with Somatodyne, Limitless Worldwide is making it possible for even those who don't fall into the "rich and famous" category to be able to afford more youthful HGH levels.

The Promise of Somatodyne

Melyn says, "The main question I'm asked about Somatodyne is, 'Isn't the subject of growth hormone controversial?' And I'm the first to admit that it is. After all, anything that has the potential to help you lose weight, feel more energetic, look younger, etc. is always going to be controversial. And of course the 'established' medical community always wants more and more studies. But despite the controversy, the Limitless Worldwide distributors are absolutely floored about being able to get their hands on Somatodyne... they can't wait to try it for themselves! And people everywhere are more than just a little intrigued by something that offers so many so-called 'anecdotal' benefits."

Steve ads, "And remember that as with everything else regarding your health, Somatodyne is just one part of an overall healthy lifestyle."

About Limitless Worldwide, LLC

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Because of Limitless Worldwide's unique relationship with Basic Research®, LLC, a company with over twenty years of experience in the dietary supplement and cosmetic industries, they benefit from the robust and enduring alliances Basic has forged with some of the nation's leading pharmaceutical and nutritional research and development companies. This allows them to collaborate with industry leaders in contract preclinical research and development, which gives Limitless the first opportunity to market world-class discoveries from some of the top doctors and experts in the world.

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