Ants Beware of a New 100% Natural Insecticide That Kills Ants on Contact

Jan 11, 2010, 16:41 ET from Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc., today announced the launch of Nature-Cide(TM) Ant, a newly developed 100% natural Ant killer that is safe to use everyday without harm to the environment. Nature-Cide(TM) Ant is a new breakthrough Insecticide/Pesticide that kills all types of Ants on contact. Company President, Matthew Mills, states "All insects breathe through their bodies. When Ants are exposed to the fumes of Nature-Cide's(TM) Ant natural formula mixture, they are quickly overwhelmed and become impaired. If no escape is available, they exhaust themselves to death, simple as that. The enzymes in our Nature-Cide(TM) products are also designed to break down protein. Insects like Ants, Lice, Scabies, Bedbugs, Mites, Fleas, and Cockroaches ... are all made up of protein. Insects use enzymes to shed their exoskeletons, so when our product comes in contact with the insect it rapidly reacts with the exoskeleton of the bug and starts reacting with the protein. This results in premature shedding of its exoskeleton (molting or shedding its outer skin) when it is not ready to molt, resulting in death. Nature-Cide(TM) formulas have been tested in numerous regions around the world yielding incredible results. From Fire Ants in North Carolina and Georgia to large mosquitoes in Hawaii and China, Nature-Cide(TM) products are proving to pack a punch to household pests globally. "Nature-Cide is an incredible product!" states Dr. David Toomey, a General Family Practitioner. "Finally a safe, 100% Natural Insecticide/Pesticide and Repellent product that truly works on all types of pests. I highly recommend Nature-Cide as the first line of defense against pests in the home." Nature-Cide(TM) also comes in an Indoor and Outdoor formulation for all types of pests, as well as a Flea & Tick formula for your dogs and cats. Nature-Cide(TM) is classified as a MINIMUM RISK PESTICIDE (25b) and is exempt from registration by the EPA. Unlike chemical insecticides and pesticides, including DEET products, Nature-Cide(TM) is safe for all environments, highly effective, and easy to use. To learn more visit For inquiries call Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. 818-998-0996 or email to

SOURCE Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc.