Anything Technologies Media Announces Acquisition of Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions

May 29, 2015, 09:15 ET from Anything Technologies Media Inc.

PLACERVILLE, CA, May 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (OTC:EXMT) has announced that it has successfully acquired Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, Inc., , a Nevada company focused on the development of commercial indoor medical cannabis facilities and outdoor industrial hemp operations throughout the United States. The strategic acquisition is designed to bolster the company and cause a defined refocus on the rapidly growing medical cannabis industry. The company stated that the transition would be seamless, as all Frontier operations will remain intact. Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions offers a complete solution to Native American Tribes wishing to pursue cannabis facilities or hemp growing operations, including a funding package and harvested crop distribution options. The company stated it plans to announce several such projects in the coming weeks.

"I am extremely excited to not only join forces with ATM's resources and contacts in the medical cannabis industry, but to also have their confidence in allowing Frontier's vision to anchor the future of the company." said Frontier President Jim Filkins. "We have worked extremely hard to position ourselves and have put all the essential partnerships in place to secure major market share in this space."

The acquisition additionally brings with it Frontier's founded development group called the Cannabis Facility Development Consortium, which consists of multiple entities specializing in all aspects of the development of indoor and outdoor horticultural facilities and operations, including: design, construction, consulting, equipment infrastructure, manufacturing, and harvesting processes.

About Anything Technologies Media, Inc.

Anything Technologies Media Inc., is a Multi-Media Digital applications, production and marketing Company. ATM will be the parent company of subsidiary Corporations, and is also focused on partnerships and acquisitions in the medical marijuana sector. The company and partners each have their own professional management team with extensive backgrounds in finance, new technologies, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. ATM's goal is to combine the expertise of our team members to create a cohesive force, which will carry the company forward in the marketplace to a preeminent position through revenue sharing and acquisitions.

About Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, Inc.

Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions, Inc. is a consulting, sales and marketing company focused in the development of commercial indoor medical cannabis facilities and outdoor industrial hemp operations. It specializes in providing all the essential elements for creation of cannabis-related economic development projects and programs for Native American Tribes, groups, and organizations, stressing an emphasis on education and medical research. Frontier is the founder and head of the Cannabis Facility Development Consortium, a group of individuals and companies providing specialties in every aspect of the development and operation of cannabis related grow facilities and operations.

About R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc.,
R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc., is a Hardware and Software Manufacturing Company with its headquarters in Placerville, California.  R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc., is focused on the development of new lighting equipment and nutrient products to enhance growing efficiency for Hydroponic plant growth, and new technologies for this market space. R-Quest has also expanded its efforts to include the construction of Indoor Grow rooms, and Green House manufacturing for the industry. 51% of R-Quest Hydroponics was acquired by IMD Companies Inc., (OTC: ICBU).  To see additional information about R-Quest go to .

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